The Employee Journey

Your employees go on a journey with your business.

Written by: Laura Deegan
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Image: The journey begins

We believe that journey starts before the individual has started working with you – whilst they are a candidate.

Each stage of the employee journey looks something like this:

The Employee Journey Cycle:

Stage 1 – The Decision:  

A candidate decides they are going to leave their current firm.


Stage 2 – Awareness: 

Now that they have decided to explore their career options, they need to be aware of what opportunities are out there.


Stage 3 – Consideration: 

Opportunity adverts and job specifications have been reviewed, interviews are underway. Now is the time a candidate considers all the features & benefits of working for your business against other opportunities.


Stage 4 – Purchase: 

Based on the package/offer made. The Candidate decides to accept the position. They evolve from the candidate, into the employee.


Stage 5 – Activation: 

The employee has accepted your offer and the start date is set. They are ready to be onboarded


Stage 6 – Advocacy: 

The employee is onboarded and settled into their role. They are your newest brand ambassador. Now is the time to ensure retention


Stage 7 – The Cycle repeats 


Our blogs explore each stage of this cycle in detail. From the reasons why candidates leave their positions and why they accept offers, through to how they are retained in organisations. If we can make the employee experience throughout this journey truly great what can their advocacy mean for your brand?