The Employee Experience

Are your employee experiences as important to you as your customer experiences?

Written by: Laura Deegan
2 Minute read
Image: Are your employee experiences as important to you as your customer experiences?

Customer experience is vital in building brand loyalty and repeat purchases. It’s why there is an incredible amount of thought, focus, and effort in businesses analysing and enhancing their customer journey. You break it all down and consider in detail each and every touchpoint that your customer goes through in order to give them the best in class interaction every step of the way.

You do this because you recognise that without your customer your business cannot be successful. The reason why their experience is so important to you is because if you can get their journey right, you will have a loyal, repeat purchaser for life. It’s why we analyse consumer behaviour, trends, and conduct customer service reviews. We want to know how we can make our product or service the best choice for our customers.

Now let’s take the customer experience focus that you have and think about it from the employee perspective – Are your customer and employee experiences aligned?

Have you broken down your employee journey and considered what sort of experiences you are creating for them?

If you haven’t considered each element of your employee’s experience in the same detail that you have considered your customer’s experience, then perhaps you should. Because, if we can make the employee experience truly great, if we can enhance their career journey with your brand you might just find that you attract and retain the best talent, develop leading players in their field and embed a level of motivation and loyalty towards your business that makes you an employer brand of choice. Logic would suggest that if your employee experience is market leading and attracts and retains the best people, then won’t your product or service be the best as a direct result?

We need to stop making recruitment a moment in time, a reaction to a need. The employee experience with your brand starts before the employee has even made the decision to leave their previous position. So, they are not even your employee yet – but this is where it begins!

Ernest Hunter Green are going to take you on a journey over the coming weeks and months to highlight and break down every stage of an employee’s journey and explain how, if you can get their experience on that journey right, you will see the best talent applying to work for your business.

Not only will they apply,  but they will accept your offer over a competitors, they will develop and stay at your business long term and the promotion of your company as an employer of choice will be the end result – which will then perpetuate the cycle.