Keep your friends close…

Employees are so much more than just the people that work for your business

Written by: Sue Palmer
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Image: Keep your friends close

Employees are so much more than just the people that work for your business, if they are with you for the long term, they will be your most important success factor and should be treated as such. Retaining your employees will impact on your employer brand, business productivity, and growth.   

Businesses who encourage people to come forward with ideas and solutions to achieve that common vision improve their employer brand by subtly developing ‘brand ambassadors’ who are naturally inspired to promote the brand. Building your brand from the ‘inside out’ has huge benefits, quite simply they will want to stay with you longer and as a result, they will promote the business to other future ambassadors and brand advocates. 

During the recruitment process, it is easy to focus on the granular detail of the role but what makes this opportunity stand out from the crowd?  Improve the candidate experience by bringing the role to life, tell the story behind the role and unfold the team dynamics.  Be proud of the existing team and the career development they have shown since joining the business, be open about areas of their further development and scope, aligned to business projects and plans.   By adding more substance, the role (albeit similar to others) will come to life and have more context, creating greater appeal.  Encourage peers and stakeholders to get involved with the interview process.  Allow your brand ambassadors to promote the business on your behalf, opening up the visibility for the future employee and at the same time enhancing your ability to retain your team by getting them involved. 

As a leader aim to create a self-fulfilling employee experience,one you can be proud of, make your team your biggest asset and ensure they know that they are.  Support them in their personal and career development to retain them longer and help your business grow. 

Great leaders will surround themselves with individuals who are better than they are. Without feeling threatened they look to develop their own competencies so they can, with their team make an even bigger impact. Businesses often make the mistake of hiring great people, only to sadly, prevent them from spreading their wings, possibly due to fear, internal egos, or politics.    

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Allowing your team to contribute and feel valued is a powerful thing, steering ideas and encouraging input, let them contribute, watch them flourish and gain in self-confidence.   

In summary, do your team feel excited and energised about tomorrow, are they with you and onboard for the long-term?Retaining these brand ambassadors will inevitably make your job easier as they are the group of people who have a powerful influence over your employer brand, employee experience, talent attraction, and corporate culture.