Building Awareness

Building awareness of your brand is the key to attracting customers. The same can be said for attracting talent.

Written by: Laura Deegan
2 Minute Read
Image: Building Awareness

Once an individual decides they are ready to explore a new career opportunity and leave their current business, one of the first things they will think about is what they are seeking out of their next career move. It doesn’t matter if their motivation is driven by money, culture, or career development, what matters is that they know about you.

Building awareness of your brand is the key to attracting customers. The same can be said for attracting talent.

I’m sure that you spend a huge amount of time and money making sure that your product or services advertising is on point. You have the professional brochure, the amazing new website, your social media channels are building a great following. All focus is on promoting your product or service and how fantastic it is. But, are you considering your advertising from a talent attraction perspective? How much emphasis is given to building awareness around what sort of employer you are?

How easy is it to gauge an understanding of your company culture, it’s commitment to developing employees, and all the other fantastic things you do to look after your employees? In most cases, we don’t get a true sense of these things until we are at the very end of an interview process. We don’t always know about the details of the wider benefits package until the offer stage. I’m not suggesting that you publish your benefits scheme on your website but I am suggesting that you consider whether you are building enough awareness of your business as an employer.  Utilising your advertising channels to promote a deeper sense of the reality of what it is like to work for your business.

The way you build awareness as an employer brand is key to attracting the best talent. If you are painting a genuine picture through your recruitment channels of what it is like to work with your business you are most likely going to hire individuals who are bought in to and align with your culture.

Working with the right recruitment partner is key. Where are they advertising your position? Are they articulating the benefits, culture, and long-term opportunities in a way that aligns with your values? The agency interaction with a candidate might be the candidate’s first impression of your brand. So chose them wisely.

Some things to think about:

  • Build your employer brand awareness alongside your marketing strategy, use your social media channels to reach potential employees by building a picture of the benefits, flexibility, wellbeing strategies, career development opportunities, and fun team building activities that you offer.
  • Select the right recruitment partner
  • Make sure your job description & opportunity advert give the best first impression of your business.
  • Dedicate a page on your website of employee testimonials, get them talking about their career achievements, and what they like best about working there.

These are very simple, obvious suggestions but they are important. If talent in the market is aware of your business for all the positives around why you are a good employer, they are going to jump at the chance to work for you.