Resolving supply chain challenges with strategic hiring


No manufacturer or consumer-facing business has been able to avoid the spiraling supply chain challenges caused by the COVID pandemic, Brexit and now, the Russia/Ukraine war. Not only have businesses had to adapt to product scarcity, spiraling costs and customs hold-ups, but the ‘new normal’ has also created a range of additional pressures that have required fast-thinking in order to survive and create stable, sustainable business models.

With a stronger emphasis than ever on profit margins and customer experience, digital innovation has become the game-changing necessity for many companies – providing new opportunities that will help them navigate current obstacles, while simultaneously creating contingencies for the future.

Our senior Executive Search experts have taken an in-depth look at the supply chain issues facing manufacturers and how the pandemic has impacted the delivery of face-to-face leisure and hospitality services. While a period of transition and transformation is inevitable, with the right senior leadership at the helm, there are plenty of opportunities that will help your business to thrive in uncertain times.