Work this way…

Flexible working is not a work-life based on getting up when it suits you or watching daytime tv. I notice a huge misconception around ‘Working from home’. It‘s as if it is a free license to do the exact opposite – not work or simply, work when you fancy it.

Our model is a far cry from that. It is an opportunity to give you your life back in simple ways. You work as hard as you always have done so there is no change there. You structure your day, you set goals and targets and you deliver on those. You bring your work ethic and discipline with you, but we give you the flexibility to completely eradicate all the things that you may not even realise you have lost through the monotonous ‘rat race’ with wasted time spent commuting, in internal meetings that go around in circles and this idea that being at your desk in an office is where you will be most productive.

How many of you spend a day at the weekend ensuring that your household chores are done? How often do you get to go to the gym without feeling like this simple, healthy activity takes up such a huge chunk of your free time? Do you feel that you have to dedicate your weekends to your families because you haven’t spent enough time with them during the working week? Many of us fit our health and families around our work life. That had become ‘the accepted norm.’

By removing that one simple thing – the daily commute, you can start your day with something productive or healthy. You still start work at a certain time, you will still see your team just not every workday – You’ll get together for workshops and creative sessions, you’ll still travel to client meetings but you’ll do these things with a new mindset…

Let’s say you have a team session booked in on Wednesday afternoon. Not only will you have spent Monday and Tuesday morning’s commute time going for your run but you had two solid days of focused, productive work time. You’ve delivered on all the things you needed to deliver but you have also had more time in the evenings as you finished work at 6:30pm and were already home. So, you dish up the slow cook meal you put on in your lunch break for your family dinner that night. Suddenly your evening has become longer, you’ve got options all of a sudden! You are going to go into your team session on Wednesday with a clear, productive and focused mindset. You even had spare time to prepare for it! The session is so much more productive because you haven’t got that deadline hanging over you as you had dedicated, uninterrupted work time earlier in the week.

Flexible working gives you that gift that you always seem to need more of – Time.

Weekends, mornings & evenings are now completely your own.

Our model is about taking the best of both worlds – the office interaction & team collaboration, the homelife & personal wellbeing, and blending all the best things about both together. You don’t have to pick one or the other, working from home OR working in the office. If you think about it in this context you can re-create the work environment in such a way that gives you a healthier, happier way of living and a successful, collaborative work life.