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Wellbeing strategies can improve attraction, recruitment and onboarding

The attraction side of this is fairly simple – businesses that take the wellbeing of their staff seriously will regularly have an advantage over a business that doesn’t.  A clearly demonstrated, implemented and promoted wellbeing strategy can be a huge pull in attracting people to your business.  In a world which is still adjusting to the importance of wellbeing strategies in the work place you can really stand out vs your competitors by showing prospective employees that you care about them.  You will appear a forward thinking business that cares about your employees and will attract like minded forward thinking individuals. Put simply – people will want to come and work for your business.

When it comes to the recruitment process and offer stages there are numerous opportunities for a hiring business.  A thought out, well planned and structured process which addresses everyone’s needs can help show that the business lives it’s wellbeing oriented culture in order to remove stress from the recruitment process as much as possible.  Repeatedly rearranging interviews and requesting candidates to alter their plans can give a negative impression of a business, especially when compared to one which has considered wellbeing throughout a process.  This in turn will give you an advantage of securing your chosen candidate as not only do you have a positive reputation for employee wellbeing, you have also demonstrated this before they have even been offered a role.  You’ll hire people that will fit your culture which will have great impact in the long run also.

Onboarding is your opportunity to show people joining your business how your culture and strategy are implemented and actualised.  It’s crucial that the experience that you provided throughout the recruitment phase continues and that the wellbeing culture within your business shines through.  Ensuring that your wellbeing strategy is implemented throughout the attraction, recruitment and onboarding phases of the employment lifecycle will be a massive step towards people being successful in your business, and they’ll likely achieve that success faster too!


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