Sign post of vision, mission and values

Vision, Values, Goals

How well are you using your company’s vision, values and goals as a way to stand out when recruiting new talent? 

Attracting the best and brightest to your company means being prepared to meet candidates’ needs on a multitude of levels, from financial to emotional to social to intellectual. It’s no longer enough to just offer a salaryjob title and shiny sales pitch, and assume that will bring in the perfect candidates. It’s competitive out there and it is now a case of having to stand out in different ways. 

One of those ways that would speak to the emotional and social side of a candidate is your company’s vision, values and goals. 

Almost all companies have a vision and goals, and many are values-based to some extent, but are you actually articulating these in a way that is both clear and attractive to prospective employees? 

Where do you talk about the company vision and the values? Is it just hidden away on the website somewhere or tucked down the bottom of a job spec? If so, that’s not selling the vision and values, that’s paying lip service. Why not have a video on your site of employees talking about the values and giving examples of how they and the company embody and live them day to day. 

Have you actually updated that vision or those values in the last 5-10 years? The world of recruitment and talent attraction is a fast moving and highly emotive one, with personal, social and humanitarian trends that can spring up out of nowhere at a moment’s notice. Out of date or irrelevant values, or a bland and intangible company vision, will speak volumes about your company’s lack of belief in those values and vision and can suggest you are out of touch with a modern workforce’s expectations. And surely having goals that are being achieved and updated regularly and publicly is the best sign of a healthy and growing company? 

Do you use the values as part of your hiring system? Are you actively seeking potential employees who share your values and would be attracted to them and the wider vision? Without bringing people on board who can mirror and live those values, all you have is a fancy list on a website with no evidence of how they fit into company culture or practices.  

Seek out examples of how you can tell the story of your company values in action to new employees. Guide them through how the vision came to pass, and why the goals were set and how they are being achieved. Put it all in the public domain – whether it be on the website, in your corporate literature, or through a series of vlogs on your social media channels. Let potential employees find and engage with it, and give them an extra and differentiating reason to apply to your company rather than your competitors.