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This is not what I signed up for

When a professional accepts a new position, one would expect them to be fully aware of ‘what they have signed up for’. It should be safe to assume that what has been ‘sold’ to them will become reality upon joining a new company 

You would hope that the role is what you had applied for, the culture is in line with what you have been briefed on and your first impressions match your expectations during onboardingIs there consistency in the journey so far compared with what you experience once you join? This can go a long way in ensuring you feel justified in your decision to accept the position and in turn both parties get the most effective start.  

There is nothing worse than being oversold an opportunity and then wondering if you have made the right decision to move. Consistency throughout the journey will help ensure that there are not any surprises when you join a new organisation.  A good employer will have taken the time to ensure that from the first moment you were briefed on the role, your impression from the job description, your interview process experience, and what the first few days and months are like once you have joined are consistent. Every stage of this journey should line up and make sense. 

When competing for talent against so many other organisations it is crucial that the employee experience is consistent from the initial briefing through to the onboardingSo much hard work can go into finding the best talent to create a shortlist of hopeful candidates. Does the interview process and what has been discussed match the initial job description and briefing and more importantly, does the job match these initial expectations during onboarding? 

By having a clear, thorough recruitment experience that follows on to match the onboarding process, you are more likely to be employing an individual that will become an advocate for your company.

By maintaining the level of excitement towards that new dream role being offered, by fulfilling any promises you made during the interview process and following through on any impressions or commitments made during the process will help your future employees feel they have made the right choice, and longer term, keep them engaged throughout their career with you. 

Effective communication, so both parties know what is expected is the key to success – both the employer and employee need to be on the same page from day one as they discuss the role being hired. This consistency needs to continue through the whole recruitment process including the onboarding experience and then needs to be emulated for other future hires.