Storytelling – Bitesize Interview Tip

When you are preparing for an interview, you should have a few examples that you can talk through which answer the key requirements on the job spec. But no one likes a bore and no one likes to listen to a monotone monologue: It’s the fastest way to kill your chances of getting the job.

So, go through your CV achievements and pick the top 3 that really match the job spec and – more importantly – will be interesting to talk about. You want to engage your audience and stimulate questions and natural discussion. Once you have the examples, then practice them out loud in front of the mirror. If they take more than about 90 seconds to say, then trim it down.

Pay attention to your facial expression and body language as you talk, and try to control them. No matter how strong the example, if you face looks like you’re running downhill at 100mph then you’re not coming across well at all!

Tell the story, not just the facts. Context is king and a strong narrative will engage your audience better than a dry list of facts and figures. Yes, stats are important, but once your audience is excited by your story then they will ask questions, and then you will have more time to convey the details.

Don’t panic and blurt it all out in one breath, just have faith that you are weaving a story that they will want to hear more about. If you don’t believe what you’re saying, then they certainly won’t.

The rest is all personality and chemistry – and that’s either there or it’s not – but if you arm yourself with a few relevant, engaging, punchy and well-delivered examples, then you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.



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