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Social Media – The part it plays in your brand awareness

You’re about to embark on a recruitment drive. You know what you need and you’ve engaged the right partners to help you to recruit successfully. It’s a competitive market at the moment and you know it’s going to be challenging but you’re ready for it and rearing to go. 

You invest time and effort in carefully considering the skill sets required to deliver your goals and the people fit for the divisions that are hiring.  You’ve engaged a compensation and benefits expert to ensure that you have the most competitive package that you can offer for your desired hires and you’ve engaged the right recruitment partners to carry out the search projects.  Your business provides exceptional opportunities both immediately and in the long term and you do a fantastic job at engaging the candidates in the early stages of the interview process.  Things progress and you make offers to the people that are going to help you to take your business to the next phase of its journey. 

Some of the offers are declined.  It’s a competitive market and your competitors have persuaded your preferred candidates to accept the offers they made them.  It’s not financial – the packages were the same (yours had a better LTIP scheme), it’s not about opportunity – they are very similar. Your company has a very similar long-term development scheme and your performance as a business has been as strong as theirs for some time now. 

When asked for feedback the candidates explain that they felt the culture of the business was a better fit for them and that is why they have made that decision.  You know things to be different. But your culture, your values, your vision haven’t been represented as well on Social Media.  Businesses with strong social media strategies around recruiter and employer branding regularly gain the edge when it comes to a tight decision about which company to join from a candidate perspective. 

Candidates will make a buying decision based on everything they believe about a business.  This includes everything you have told them and shown them directly but it also includes everything that they read and consumed about your business through social media.  The way in which your business is perceived in terms of your company culture, environment, opportunities, CSR, press coverage, etc etc all contribute to decision making.  And those who invest in getting the social media element right often have an edge when it comes to the crunch.