Liking and loving social media posts

Social Media – Like it, love it or hate it

Are people aware of your business?  Do they know the brand? Do they know what services/solutions/products you provide? Do they know your company values or have an insight into your culture, the things you’ve achieved and your plans for the future? 

You may ask the questions; ‘why would they?’ or ‘why should they?. The answers are closely linked. Your company’s social media strategy needs to include your recruiter and employer brand.  If you aren’t actively promoting your business across all the above categories via as many social media channels as possible then you run the risk of losing your preferred candidates to competitors. 

Social Media is your opportunity to present your business as the great place to work that it is.  It’s a chance to shout about all the great things you do, have done and will do, and why people should be interested in opportunities to work there.  Businesses that get this right can often reduce outsourced recruitment costs as they have candidates actively approaching them, even when they aren’t recruiting.  If you aren’t visible or aren’t promoting yourself, then you are on the back foot. 

Beyond this, due to the ease of accessibility to social media from the public, it is easy to sustain damage to your recruiter and employer brand if you are not conscious of the overall employee experience.  Ensuring you are providing the best possible experience across all employee touchpoints  your recruiter and employer branding, attraction, recruitment and onboarding processes, and the development, retention and exit of your people – will prevent the negative comments and encourage the positive.   

Like it, love it or hate it social media plays a huge part in your recruitment strategy and employee experience whether you actively encourage it or not.  Get out there, open up, tell the world why you are a great place to work and you will see more success in your hiring in the long term.