Sleeping tortoise

Sleeping Giants

 You work for one of the most successful businesses in its field.  The business is a specialist operator and this has seen it grow and grow and grow.  Now it’s time to diversify into other sectors and services to continue this growth.  It’s a forward thinking organisation and when hiring you are happy to consider candidates from different industries and sectors who can bring new ideas and methodologies to the table.   

Despite the success in its field the organisation struggles to gain interest from people in other fields. Especially at that crucial time when some external knowledge and experience will help you to break into some new areas and continue to grow. And, of course, the question is; WHY? 

because no one has heard of you! You’re a sleeping giant!  

There will be times when you need to hire people from businesses operating in other industries – make sure they know who you are.  Your recruiter and employer brands are critical for your future growth.  There are silicon valley giants offering the most competitive benefits schemes that I’ve ever heard of as well as lifestyle benefits, career development, and working environments unrivalled by most businesses.  This isn’t done purely out of the desire to look after their people, though undoubtedly this is a part of it. These kinds of offerings generate huge publicity both through word of mouth and through cross-industry press.  The upshot being that people who have no interest in what these businesses even do say things like ‘I’d love to work there, they get yoga classes and Nandos!’.  This gives these businesses access to the biggest pool of talent possible and therefore enables them to grow as fast as they want to while hiring the highest calibre talent. 

This isn’t about benefits, this is about awareness of your business as a great place to work enabling your growth as an organisation.  Ensuring every touchpoint in the candidate journey is optimised builds your brand as a hiring organisation (a recruiter) and as an employer.  Your reputation as a specialist in your field grows, your customer base grows and you can maintain that growth due to the awareness you have built as a business that people want to work for.