EHG's 5th Birthday

Reflection and Gratitude

Ernest Hunter Green is 5 years old today. While we will all be celebrating this achievement in virtual fashion within our respective lockdown environments, these will be tempered somewhat for obvious reasons.  Celebrating achievements is important to us, but at a time when this is so naturally affected, it also feels like a good time to reflect.

We’ve had a pretty good 5 years.  We’ve grown every year (if we achieve that again this year we will definitely be celebrating!)  We’ve hired the most amazing team who have been so dedicated, committed, hard working and honest in the time they’ve been with us.  We value the fantastic relationships that we’ve developed with clients and candidates way beyond the finances.  The network of partners that help us every day to process expenses, manage our marketing and make sure our laptops work are invaluable also.  We are so, so grateful to all of you.

It’s a challenging time to be in business for so many reasons right now.  The personal challenges everyone is facing in this period are often totally new and incredibly scary but while there are challenges of so many kinds, I am confident that we will be here for a long time to come (or another 5 years at least so I can write another heartfelt post).  Our team, clients, candidates and partners are the reasons behind that confidence.

Our mission is to help build businesses that people want to work for.  The role we will play in helping to shape our clients’ businesses may now be as important as ever. The next 5 years will bring many changes and we are excited about the opportunities that will arise along the way.  In the short term we will need to adjust, and to support our clients and candidates to adjust, to new ways of working.  We are here to do exactly that.