The Decision to move jobs hangs on a fine line

Promoting an opportunity to your target audience 

How do you know if the opportunity you are presenting is an attractive proposition to be considered?  

Definition of opportunity:  

A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something can be applied here, such as a company restructure due to growth, or the next round of funding being secure. How might this be interpreted as a reason to attract future talent? 

As a passionate head hunter and business owner, I am confident that the opportunities we provide to people joining us stand out as industry leading. I would, at the very least believe they are appealing enough to attract interest when comparing us to competitors in the market. Implicit bias can itself be prevalent for many hiring managers and decision makers. However, what are the features and benefits for someone to join your business? 

Take a step back and consider what is it about the opportunity that you are trying to present to the external market. It isn’t just a job description, there will be other critical elements that will add to the appeal and make your opportunity stand out to your target audience: 

  • Job title – does your internal terminology relate to the external market? 
  • Role remit – what are the key challenges and development opportunities  
  • Salary and reward – is it competitive? 
  • Company culture and values  bring this to life 
  • Physical working environment
  • Mission statement / Company vision  how can this be promoted?  

There will likely be pros and cons of any opportunity and weighing these up and appreciating them as early as possible will be beneficial for all parties throughout the employee journey. Despite an opportunity offering a more senior title and therefore perceived to be a step up for someone, is the salary competitive for example.

Taking the time to consider and understand the opportunity will pay dividends longer term. Utilise the correct partner to objectively help present it to the external market and secure the best talent available. Don’t risk losing out on the best talent by not being compelling in your presentation of the opportunity and proactively pitching it to the market.