Uplifting feeling

Positivity is infectious 

Using employees’ positive feedback is more powerful than client, press or industry praise when attracting talent to your teams. 

Your company has won industry awards, the written testimonials from your clients are glowing, your products are voted best in category, and you have accreditations from all manner of places. Your employees must be delighted?…. 

Not necessarily. And if you just assume they are all happy then you run the risk of missing the telltale signs about what’s really going on in a day-to-day level within your company’s walls.  

Looking outwards for praise is one thing, but have you tried looking inwards? 

Knowing how your employees feel about the company is just as important as knowing what your markets feel about your products or services. Having internal forums for employees to provide feedback should be given just as much focus as all the external awards. And if you’re thinking of hiring into your teams, then what better way to show future employees what it’s like to work there than by showing them what the current employees say and how they feel. 

You may be concerned that asking employees for feedback to share publicly could open up a can of worms, but consider it another way: opening up a channel for positive feedback also gives you the forum to hear and act upon any feedback that comes across as negative. And it’s okay for that feedback to be negative, as long as it is heard and addressed.  

As a rule, people don’t like giving negative feedback if they feel it will reflect badly on them or their career, so you can create an anonymous forum so employees feel safe in sharing. In terms of positive feedback, that can be more visible and public of course, but both are two equally valid sides of the same feedback coin. 

Positivity is infectious 

Having an established forum where there is a flow of positive messaging from all your employees is the standard that you want to aim for. Word will spread externally and it will be seen as genuine and will be a big deciding factor when candidates are choosing whether to apply for roles with your company. Yes, having industry, client and press recognition is exciting and can certainly help to win business, but if you want to win employees then you have to think in more human terms.