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Your candidate in shining armour has accepted your offer, signed their contract and their start date is firmly in place. Everything is as it should be and they all lived happily ever after….., right?

Wrong! The fairy tale of recruitment doesn’t end here! This is when the story really starts and leads to all your employee’s dreams coming true.

So far, your new employee has had a fantastic experience; they have always heard great things about your brand as an employer so when they became aware of an opportunity to work with you they jumped at it. The job spec was spectacular and aligned to their motivations for moving, the salary on offer was competitive and the wider benefits were better than they ever imagined.

Everyone they have spoken to from the head-hunter that approached them about the role, the former colleague that went on to work there, and all the key stakeholders they met during their interview process have backed up their impression of the organisation. So, when they were offered the role, they accepted immediately.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if their onboarding experience ruined all that?

A little extra time spent planning their onboarding is going to mean that your employee continues their journey with you in the same positive way that they have experienced so far. Simple things like:

  • Ensuring they know where to find everything they need to do their job
  • Their equipment is set up and ready to go on their first day
  • They have been properly introduced to all the key stakeholders and everyone understands the role they are there to fulfill
  • They understand what is expected of them and (very importantly) the expectations align with the discussions that have been had throughout their interview process
  • They are made to feel welcome and included.

Imagine turning up on your first day and you have no email set up or computer ready to work from. You know the key stakeholders and team members by the odd name you recognise from your last interview, but you haven’t met them and are not sure who they are. Key partners are too busy to fit you in now because nobody planned to set aside time in their diary to let them know you were starting today.

Suddenly, the positive experience they have had up until now doesn’t fit. They may start to question whether they have made the right decision and doubt sets in – motivation is affected, perhaps they should reconsider the revised offer that came back from the business they turned down in order to accept this role?

All most of us want is to feel like part of the furniture, have a clear direction, be able to get into our stride, share ideas, add value, and make a difference. By considering the onboarding experience and planning it out thoughtfully, your knight in shining candidate shall succeed!