Attractive spacious modern office

Office Location: Attraction & Recruitment

What office location related factors are important to candidates when they consider a move?

  • Accessibility to public transport /Provision of shuttle buses
  • Convenient location to shops / restaurants etc
  • Secure and free parking
  • Technology & equipment
  • Natural Light
  • Space
  • Ability to hot desk / work remotely 
  • Carbon footprint / electric car points

Lots to think about and impossible to change some of these points without extensive investment or relocation. However, with some creative thinking a flexible solution can often be found.

Consideration needs to be given to the home or remote set up. It is as important that people have a viable / comfortable workspace with the technology to allow them to function as effectively as they would in the office. Recent events have allowed most of us to trial this and hopefully make the necessary amendments. Having set up Ernest Hunter Green as a remote business model we can speak from experience that communication is key to avoid the feeling of isolation and if managed well productivity and wellbeing can improve.

The look and feel of the office can of course be a show stopper and if you are the hiring manager of the ‘not so shiny’ office, you may have to be a tad more creative and work that bit harder to sell your opportunity and attract those candidates.  Ensure you are close enough to your recruitment partners to help them understand the proposition and build your Recruiter brand.  They could help you overcome some of the location challenges by offsetting against the opportunity, culture, and benefits.