New Beginnings

Whether you are a fresh graduate entering the world of work for the first time or a seasoned director with years of experience behind you, starting a new job is always a big deal. With the spotlight firmly on you, the feeling of being out of one’s comfort zone and not knowing what to expect can be daunting for the very best of us.

As recruiters we are very used to supporting others through the journey of a job search. We are there to offer advice, guidance and in a few cases, a shoulder to cry on. It is no exaggeration to say that changing jobs can be, for some, a life-changing event.

Having recently gone through the experience of a move myself and being one month in to my new role at Ernest Hunter Green, it was a good reminder of the range of emotions you can experience when starting somewhere new.

Thinking back to the night before the big day, strong feelings of excitement and anticipation were interrupted by the inevitable moment or two of self-doubt. The sense of leaving behind the security of my previous role was incredibly visceral. And the realisation that I would be walking in to an environment where I was starting over again from scratch suddenly hit home. But reminding myself of the reasons why I was embarking on this new venture and knowing that I had already met many like-minded people in the business gave me the reassurance I needed that I was making the right decision. It gave me a sense of purpose and enabled me to start in the right frame of mind, confident in my abilities and able to clearly focus on the challenge ahead.

Here are three things I have experienced so far;

  • Avoiding the daily London commute (a godsend in this hot weather) by mainly working remotely has massively reduced my stress levels and meant that each day gets off to the positive start that a delayed train can ruin in an instant. Lots more quality time at home with my two kids, bedtime stories, football in the garden, as well as sufficient time to get out for a run in the evening, has helped to maintain a positive frame of mind and set me up in the best possible way to start each day.
  • Having the autonomy to decide which roles I want to work on means I can give each one my full focus and commitment. Being able to find that extra motivation that comes from the flexibility I have to control my day is a great feeling. Not only for me, but also hugely beneficial for my candidates and clients.
  • Last but by no means least, working with a fantastic bunch of colleagues both virtually and on our meet ups in London and Hertfordshire, genuinely seems to offer the best of both worlds.

It is always good to get the first month of a new job out of the way but remember not to lose sight of the bigger picture. If there are any doubts about your decision before you start, remind yourself of your reasons for moving and place trust in the process. You won’t look back…I certainly haven’t.


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