A recruitment trampoline

My name is Ernest Hunter Green and I’m a Recruitment Trampoline

Some of my recruitment friends tell me proudly that they are ‘ninjas’ or ‘headhunters’ or even ‘gurus’, but I like being a trampoline. Ninjas and headhunters sound great if you’re watching an Indiana Jones film, but it’s all a bit manic if you are trying to talk sensibly to someone about finding a new job.

I, on the other hand, am made up of a piece of taut, strong fabric that has been stretched over a steel frame and fixed in place with dozens of coiled springs. I like to think I am a perfectly balanced combination of safety net and launch pad.

How to use a recruitment trampoline

I cannot work in isolation. I need to interact with my environment in order to get my bounce. In fact, if you want the technical answer, I get that bounce in the way that Hooke’s law interacts with Newton’s third law of motion. Or, put another way, for every action there is an equal and positive reaction. You see, with me, you get out what you put in.

I am good to bounce ideas off and I’m not easily shocked (my springs take care of that). I am also a very good listener (well, absorber really, but I like to think it’s the same thing). I have a very good memory, having kept all the information in my springs over the years from everyone I have interacted with. So, whether you just want a helicopter view of a job market or something more down-to-earth and detailed, you just have to hop on.

I’m also quite fussy. It comes with the experience I’m afraid. I’ve had people try to walk all over me, but I just ignore them until they get tired and go away. I’ve also had people stand on my peripheries (not as painful as it sounds!) and shout instructions down to me. But again, I tend to ignore them. Unless you’re prepared to take your shoes off and get involved, why should I bother? If you can’t make an impact on me, why should I make an impact on you?

What you can expect from me

When used in the right way, I am proven to improve your balance, get your heart rate up and generally boost your cardio. I’m also far easier on your joints than just running about (probably why all those silly ninjas and headhunters I mentioned before have a habit of disappearing on you after the first call).

What I expect from you

That’s the easy bit – just let me be the reaction to your action. Give me a call to bounce some ideas around and be honest with me about what you want. Oh, and stay away from those ninjas!



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