London to Amsterdam for Mind in Mid-Herts

Over the course of the next month the team at Ernest Hunter Green are taking part in a virtual London to Amsterdam bike ride which is run by our charity partner Mind in Mid Herts.  The challenge starts tomorrow September 10th, which is Suicide Prevention Day and finishes a month later on October 10th which is World Mental Health day and has been organised to raise awareness of both.  We take our Mental Health very seriously at Ernest Hunter Green and are passionate about supporting Mind in Mid Herts with this cause.

‘Bike Ride’ is slightly misleading as the rules permit walking and running also!  The distance is 553.2km which is to be covered by each team collectively, we will be completing the challenge as two teams of 3, so over 180km each in a month via our chosen mode of travel. Our teams shall be ably led by Daniel Shaw (team members Laura Deegan and Elliott Sanderson) and Carly Symes (team members Sue Palmer and Alex Cooper) who will be providing the required motivation to ensure that we stay on track and make it to ‘the Dam’. I shall be running as much of mine as possible, Carly loves a good power walk, Sue will easily cover the distance while walking her dogs, Dan’s knowledge of Kent coastal walks should see him in good stead, Elliott plans a mixture of cycling, walking and running and Laura a mix of running and walking. Admittedly not a great deal of cycling, but covering the distance should see us all a little fitter and healthier in a months time!

We plan to keep you updated on our progress, but if anyone wants to do this for themselves then yuo can find more information here: Mind in Mid-Herts.

We have been supporting Mind in Mid Herts as a charity over the past 5 years.  Mind in Mid Herts are an independent charity who are affiliated with (but not funded in any way by) the better known charity – Mind. Their mission is to provide prevention, recovery and support services in Hertfordshire to empower people to take control of their mental health. They do amazing work with limited resources and we are proud to support them in every way we can.