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Location : Development & Retention

Don’t underestimate the impact the office location and working environment has on our ability to be the best we can be and improve our sense of loyalty.  The grass is often greener exactly where you are,  another business could be tempting you to join them for a pay rise, when push comes to shove you will be basing your decision on much more than the increase in your take home pay. 

So how does the location and office environment play a part in our development? Having an accessible office location opens a wider catchment area for talent. Bringing aspirational people into an environment with a positive culture will be self-perpetuating and rub off on others. A core of good people helps to attract other good people, creates healthy internal competition, and plays a natural part in driving internal development. People are generally more enthusiastic and hungrier to work hard and be challenged if they feel happy with their surroundings and are enjoying the office environment. We recognise a healthy turnover of staff is often encouraged for valid reasons, retaining key people is vital to success and can be a real selling point to discuss at attraction stage.

Obviously, there are many facets that contribute to development and retention but office location certainly is a factor to consider.