to show a sense of togetherness

Leadership Chemistry

There are varying contributing factors that go into an individual’s decision-making process when they are considering an offer for a new opportunity. The role itself, the package, the commute, progression & development scope, the company reputation, it’s vision and long-term goals…the list goes on.

Let’s talk about your leadership team’s chemistry and the contributing factor that plays in an individual’s decision-making process as to whether to accept an offer to join your business.

It’s one thing for a person to have found their perfect next career opportunity but quite another for them to accept the offer of the opportunity if they get a sense that your leadership teams’ chemistry is ‘off’.

Even though this new position is the perfect fit for them from a skill set and career path perspective they are going to think twice if the peers that they will be delivering alongside seem as though they don’t quite connect. To make matters worse, this chemistry element usually becomes cemented at the very end of the process as they would have, by this point, been able to form a more substantial opinion.

Simple things like the way your leadership team describe the company vision, and the long-term company objectives, if they don’t seem to align, alarm bells will begin to ring in your candidates’ mind. If there is an air of hostility between certain individuals at the top. Or, if there was a delay between the candidate’s final interview and receiving their offer, it could easily be assumed that there was some disagreement or uncertainty around whether they were the right fit. This could then lead them on to wondering whether the decision makers are truly aligned with what they want the person in this role to deliver and what they key priorities are.

Before embarking on your next critical hiring journey take some time to ensure that your leadership team is clear on the purpose of the new hire and what the key deliverables will be. Make sure that everyone in the leadership team has a clear understanding of how this hire contributes to the longer-term objectives of the business and why it is required.

If your leadership team show a natural sense of togetherness, a united sense of purpose for this position and its importance to the continued success and growth of the business it is going to be a very easy decision for your chosen candidate to accept your offer without hesitation.