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You could have the most successful product or service in the market. That’s the aim of every business, right? But have you thought about how your interview process affects your employer and recruiter brand in the market?

Why not aspire to have the best product or service in your market as well as the most slick and efficient interview process?

So, what does ‘the best’ interview style and process look like? As recruiters we see and hear it all and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. What works for some markets/industries doesn’t work in others but when was the last time you reflected on your company’s interview process? Is it reflective of your values? Is it out of date? Does it align with your company culture and how you project yourselves as an employer in the market? Does your interview process reflect your product or service?

Let’s break this down:

Look at your interview process. Does your brand promote a modern, forward thinking, current product or service? Now ask yourself if your interview process falls in line with this. A cool, cutting edge, quirky brand reputation is how you project your business but then a candidate comes for interview and the process and style is dated, cold and difficult to read. (Check our ‘Who’s interviewing who’ for more information on interview technique & style). Does your brand promote itself in the market as being slick, professional & efficient? If candidates then experience a long winded, disorganised, unclear interview process isn’t that contradicted?

How about your company culture? Does your brand have a perceived caring, family lead culture in the market? If so, an interview process that is rigid, cold and lacking feedback won’t align with that. What about the physical environment you interview in? Do you seat your candidate at one end of a large conference table with a panel of interviewers firing questions at them without so much as a grin on their faces – This is fine, if that’s your style, but be sure that it aligns to how you promote yourself in the market.

What do your competitors do? Whether you’re a business already at the top or an SME carving your way there, if you want to get there & stay there you should know how your competitors go about conducting their interview process. Find out what they do and quite simply, do it better! But keep aligned to who you are and your values and, I can promise you this; any offer you make will be accepted by those individuals who truly align to your brand. Those people will more likely stay longer and be genuinely attracted to your business.




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