Immersive. Experiential. Disruptive. Worthwhile?

What are your thoughts on the rise and longevity of immersive experiential buying journeys within consumer tech?

As the end of the year nears we’ve been reflecting on our observations in 2019. It’s been an interesting year from a product perspective. We’ve seen mobile phones dominated by multiple cameras and folding screens, Amazon stealing a march on Google from a partnership perspective (everything at IFA seemed to have an Alexa badge on it!), and a significant increase in various robots coming to the market.

The thing that has got our attention the most though is the apparent increase in the rise of experiential retail. The UK has been fairly limited on this front, although we enjoyed a visit to Samsung’s KX experience store (it’s not a shop though). But the rise and rise of B8ta in the US piqued our interest and it seems that Enjoy Technology are building their UK presence through a major telecoms partnership. It’ll be interesting to see which of these are able to crack the UK/European markets as they are seemingly doing very well in the US currently. The leadership teams behind both have significant track records and we wish them all the success they deserve. While being slightly different business models and concepts the emphasis on experience is clearly the priority. Crowd Sourced services such as Mila and Bizbee are delivering highly experiential on-demand installation services for technology products of all levels of complexity and could prove to be the perfect partners to brands looking to offer these services without rolling out the full service themselves.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Experiential services are obviously expensive to deliver and customers are buying more and more online, so, is it worth it? Who else out there is delivering these kinds of services with success? Is this a pointless attempt to disrupt Amazon’s growing dominance in the retail space?


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