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How to use internal reward schemes to hire directly 

Friends with benefits: how to use internal reward schemes to hire directly 

When you’re thinking of hiring into your team, there are several options to consider before pressing go on that recruitment agency briefing call. Whilst a recruiter will have a strong network outside of your business that they can lean into to find candidates for you, there is another network that you have access to that you shouldn’t ignore, and that network is that group of employees currently sitting at desks all around your office. 

Using your internal network as a resource 

Let’s take the example of a marketing role: you need to grow the team and want to hire a marketing manager. Who do you think will know a wide network of marketers that they can talk to and give real insider knowledge to about what it’s like to work at your company? Yep, your current marketing team of course. 

That team doesn’t need to ask you questions about the job requirements, they don’t need to ask you what the boss is like to work for, and they don’t need to ask you what the company culture is like. They live and breathe it every single day. They will know that role better than anyone else and they will credibly and genuinely sell that role better than anyone else. 

Internal reward schemes and how to incentivise your team to be your best advocates 

What do you pay your recruitment PSL when they find someone for a role with you? 15%, 20%, 25%? Whilst I would be crazy to suggest that is not money well spent when it comes to those confidential, niche or urgent hires, it’s also fair to say that when hiring a more generic role you could spend a fraction of that cost and yet get the same results.  

Having an established, clear and widely used internal reward scheme in place is a great way to really incentivise your current team to proactively look for strong candidates from their personal or professional networks. As explained above, your team will be able to explain the role and company much better than any external resource.  

You can do this with a cash incentive that you would pay to the employee, and it’s usually fair to say to them that this would be paid out upon the successful completion of the new team member’s probation period. 

Extra benefits 

Not only will this increase your chances of using those valuable internal networks to attract suitable and strong candidates, but it will also get a positive and engaging message out into your markets, delivered by an incentivised and enthusiastic group of employees, and that can only benefit your external brand reputation amongst competitors.