To show balance

Health & Wellbeing Benefits…

& their impact on candidates accepting your offers:

With the onset of Covid in particular, people are having to adapt and deal with additional challenges with the change in their working environment. Employees will expect increased support from their employer whilst at the same time ensuring that their health and well-being is a key priority. How important are the Health & Wellbeing practices of a company as part of an overall offering?

A 2020 survey by the CIPD in relation to Health & Wellbeing at work found that 60% of organisations reported an increase in anxiety and depression among employees versus the previous 12 months. This is a key indicator as to why more businesses may want to look at Health & Wellbeing as being a key element to any package versus just the salary and overall package on offer.

Having founded Ernest Hunter Green in 2015 with Health & Wellbeing at the core of our culture, we have always been keen to promote the importance of looking after ourselves in and out of work to ensure we don’t burn out and can get the most from our jobs. Just offering a market-leading pay & reward package is no longer enough. Employers who can create the best employee work environments and proactively support them to maintain higher levels of wellbeing can position themselves in such a way to give another reason why someone should accept a job with them. They will also see increased levels of motivation and productivity by maintaining this throughout every employee experience.

We believe that your health should always be your number one priority. Being in good shape physically and mentally will ensure your work-life does not suffer – many of us may work extremely long hours and start to burn out without even realising it. Once we do look for a new job, our health can certainly become more important when considering that next career move.

There are various ways we have identified to offer a comprehensive package beyond base salary with a focus on Health & Wellbeing:

  • Encouraging regular exercise through using a ‘Virtual Fitness Group’ to record your activities – it doesn’t need to be running a marathon each week, but maybe a walk around the local park at lunch ensures you escape the laptop and can listen to a podcast
  • Removing the daily commute frees up time that they probably haven’t had before, and we encourage using some of this time to look after yourself. This includes fitness and eating more healthily, being able to think about more balanced meals, and cooking from fresh. Spending more time with friends and family is good for the soul and provides a better work-life balance.
  • Creating truly flexible working environments by allowing employees to work wherever and however they see fit, with the relevant technology enablers (this can be working solo or alongside colleagues in shared working spaces as appropriate)

Having a comprehensive Health & Wellbeing focus to your business will go a long way to ensure you attract the best talent, but crucially, living and breathing this on a day to day basis through having the correct attitude and tools in place will be what embeds in within your business culture and could offer another reason why someone should join your business rather than someone else’s.