Has it ever been more important? 

Almost a year ago I was on my way to join James Williams on his attempt to break the world record for running from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG).  Following that experience I felt compelled to write about the amazing role that the support team that James had around him was playing in his attempt.  While out on my daily exercise recently I was reminded of the whole experience.  It seemed a timely reminder of the value and importance of support teams on every level. 

While in such challenging times we all need support on different levels; physically, emotionally, financially, professionally.  Often a combination there of.  As recruiters we talk to many different people and businesses about the measures they are putting in place to address the situation and to ensure that they are as happy and productive as possible in the circumstances.  We’ve been working remotely for a long time and we understand the challenges that come with it so can familiarise with anyone struggling on that level. And we understand the overall impact that a situation like this has on businesses and individuals alike. 

We can’t help with everything, obviously, but here’s us putting ourselves out there to say that we are here to support on any level that we can.  If you want to discuss a business or career oriented challenge then we remain professional advisors and consultants of course. But we’re humans too. So if you just want a chat about something that’s concerning you, frustrating you, driving you to the brink, an idea you’d like to bounce of someone or just simply to talk to someone different for a bit.  Then we’d love to support as much as we can.