Employer and Recruiter Branding – how do you compare to your competitors?

What do candidates think of your brand? Are you appealing to the best in class or are they passing you by? Chances are, when a potential candidate sees your job advert or is called by a recruiter, they will already have an opinion on your brand. And that opinion will significantly affect their decision whether or not to engage with your recruitment process.

So if you really want to attract the best talent you need to be influencing them before they even know they want to start looking for a new job. That means standing out from the crowd, and to do this you first need to understand what other brands and competitors are doing.

Competitor intelligence will give you a powerful advantage when it comes to securing top talent, and there are three main ways that you can get that intelligence.

Talk to your recently-hired employees

Afterall they have been through your recruitment process and, most likely, had other processes going on at the same time. Why did they choose to work for you? What drew them to you in the first place? Did anything put them off during the process? Is there anything they feel you could have done more of or less of whilst they were going through the interviews and onboarding?

Talk to your trusted recruitment partners

These well-connected folks will know more than most about how each brand goes to market and their respective hiring processes. Don’t expect them to give away any confidential info of course, but ask them how your process stacks up against competitors. Are you using the most up-to-date and effective technology to attract and interview candidates? Is your website and marketing collateral impactful? Do you pay market rate? Are there any benefits that you should be offering that your competitors already do? Why are some candidates saying no to approaches by recruiters when they mention your brand?

Do some research

Do you know first-hand how your brand comes across? When was the last time you read your website as if you were a potential candidate? Have you read your competitors’ websites recently? How does your brand, personality and culture come across online, and does it stand out compared to how competitors talk about themselves? Are your jobs specs clear, engaging and purposeful? How is your brand portrayed in the press and on review sites? Can you easily find news about your brand’s successes and recent activity?

In summary, attracting the best candidates requires having the best, most engaging and easy to access brand in the market. By being front of mind with your target market, being aware of how your competition is approaching those same candidates, and initiating discussions with employees and trusted suppliers, you will be able to understand better how you are perceived. This understanding will give you the intelligence you need to fine tune your recruitment process and employer branding and, ultimately, hire the calibre of candidate you want to hire. For some more ideas on this, take a look at Attraction, Recruitment  Onboarding – How to stay ahead of your competitors


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