Change or Chance?

Does Career Development Feature During Your Consideration Of A Job Opportunity? 

Taking a step back to work out what you want long term is probably something we have all been advised to do at various points during our careers. Do we ever action this by working out what our end goals are and then devising a plan to achieve them? When considering an opportunity, does the potential career development on offer make the role and move more appealing than say money alone? 

You have maybe been promised the world previously, but your level of excitement has slowly dwindled as annual reviews become frustrating and your role becomes uninspiring and makes you feel like a very small cog in a rather large wheel. Maybe it is no one’s fault as such, but through lack of planning and poor communication between employer and employee, this can and does happen. 

Some companies proactively identify top talent and support with formalised career development plans – by doing so, this can in turn enrich the employee experience. The key is understanding what both employer and employee expect to achieve and managing expectations The plan needs to be personal for the individual, be flexible enough to adjust to various internal and external factors which arise, and most importantly tracked and followed up on to ensure progress is made. 

Where do you want to get to next in your career and what is your aspirational end goal? If you have been unsuccessful in achieving career development in your current business, you may be attracted to an employer who can offer you this  It is important to identify the gaps in your experience to understand whether you can get exposure to this in your current business. 

You may of course need to move to one of your competitors to get the next step up or maybe change sector completely to achieve this. A role within an SME away from corporate life may equally feature as something sensible to consider as much as working for a PE backed firm versus a Plc. As always there isn’t always an obvious journey for many people, but without understanding what you are trying to achieve and reviewing options you will never know what they are. 

Allow yourself the time to take a step back, write down what you want to achieve, formulate a plan and time frame.  Openly discuss with your peers, headhunters, people in your network, particularly those currently in the type of role you aspire to do. This will help you to understand what career development opportunities exist internally and externally and helping to make the right choices.