Ipad, deskktop and mobile showing a welcome sign on a website

Building Awareness – Website

Once an individual decides that they are going to explore their next career move, they begin a journey. Even if they are a passive candidate that has been approached about your business, if they are open to considering a new opportunity then they are going to move into the ‘awareness’ stage of their journey. They will start to think about where they could see themselves working next and why.

Even if they had not previously been aware of your business, if there is something about your opportunity that appeals to them, they will begin to research – to build on their awareness.

One of the first places they will begin this research is by looking at your website. We all know why we have websites – to promote our businesses product or service. We tell our potential customers all about what we do, why we do it, and promote why our product or service is unique. But we could perhaps think about the power of our website a little bit more from a talent attraction angle.

Are potential employees able to gauge a genuine sense of what it is like to be an employee at your business? Is there a disconnect between your culture and how your culture is portrayed on your website? Simple things like the use of language or imagery that you use can create apprehension. If a search consultant or a job description is describing your organisation as forward-thinking, flexible, innovative and your website is outdated and reads very corporately with no sense of personality then a disconnect is immediately created. The initial description doesn’t match what the individual is seeing, and it may be the reason why the candidate decides at this very early stage not to pursue to an application.

How clear are your values and how do you live up to those as an employer? I’m sure the reality is that as a business internally they are very clear and you do your best to ensure that your employees are treated well, developed, listened to, valued etc but is that coming across through your website?

Don’t wait for an employee to accept a position for them to get to see who you really are and what you stand for as an employer – Use your website as a channel of communication to the best talent in the market and promote all the amazing reasons why they should want to work with you. For every application you receive there may have been one individual that wasn’t as aware of you as they could have been. They ended up deciding not to pursue because they couldn’t see anything about the organisation as an employer that was different or better than where they are now. If your competitors are retaining their employees well, then you have to use every channel to build awareness of your brand as an employer and send out a consistent message of why you are the business that they should want to work for.

We often see companies do a great job as promoting themselves via their website to graduates which is fantastic, but what about the seasoned professional?

A little extra time and effort spent on your website from this perspective can draw a real genuine picture of your business as an employer and do much of the hard work ‘selling’ your business before the candidate has even agreed to go forward for the role!