Bitesize Interview Tip – Researching The Client

When you’re preparing to interview with a client and show them what a great match you are for the role, don’t forget the bigger picture: you’re not just applying to do a job in isolation, you’re applying to join their wider company. They’ll want to know you’ve done your research, but where do you start?

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking researching a company means being able to recite their annual turnover for the last 10 years and how many offices they have globally. Whilst that is useful to know, that’s not going to get you the job. That just shows you can use google whilst waiting in reception.

Researching a company in order to help your chances of getting a job means researching the things that align both your professional and personal style and interests. Read their blogs, their thought leadership, their market analysis. Find things that interest you professionally and have an opinion ready to share with them.

But don’t stop there, read their social media posts, their extra-curricular activities, their CSR. Find reasons why they are the kind of people you want to work with as well.

If you can connect both the professional and the personal and show how you are a fit across both areas, then that builds a much stronger case for getting the job. And you know what, if you don’t like what you read, then that’s a valuable exercise in itself as it stops you potentially taking a job that you won’t like.