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Benefits: Attraction Recruitment & Onboarding

It is important to know what benefits your competitors are offering, these businesses may not necessarily be in the same market as you they could be a competitor from a location perspective. If your benefits package is lacking compared to your competitors and cannot be improved, it would be wise to ensure your basic salaries are compelling, although as outlined previously in our blog relating to benefits from a retention, development & exit perspective, benefits link to engagement, well-being and culture which cannot be achieved by base salary alone.  Some benefits do not come with a huge price tag but are well received and link with your well-being strategy , culture and employer brand.  Ideas include providing an extra days leave for birthdays, time off to pursue CSI activities, fresh fruit, good quality tea, coffee and biscuits etc. Recruiters can be a good source of information regarding your competitors’ benefits.

How you show case & communicate your benefits to your prospective and new recruits is important. The benefits package should be discussed by your recruitment partner at attraction stage, defined at offer stage and implemented as part of onboarding as to rules surrounding the schemes, how to access etc. A link to a company portal or intranet is not enough, the benefits need to be launched with the level of importance they hold. The timing of when a benefit is triggered is important and can be seen as a negative if linked to successful completion of probationary period, leaving a gap in benefits such as PMI.