clear, clean window with a lovely view

Are your shop windows sparkling clean? 

When getting your house ready for sale, aiming to achieve the optimum price by attracting the most suitable, prospective buyers, it is fair to say you will prepare accordingly.  You will want your agent to market your property in the best way possible and when viewings take place your intention is that they are over, not underwhelmed when they cross the threshold. 

I would also expect the structure of your house and interior to reflect what has been advertised and promoted online. It is very similar, when potential employees are viewing your business as a potential place to work, you want them to have truthful and realistic overview before joining you 

often relate many aspects of recruitment to house hunting and online dating. Well filtered photos present a positive overview of the house you are viewing or who you are going to meet. However, not every picture tells the story. Numerous tools exist to help potential employees seek out their next company and Glassdoor is one frequently used example. Often seen as the ‘TripAdvisor of the world’s companies, Glassdoor has become a popular tool for many when trying to get under skin of a business and portray views from current and past employees. 

What is it like on the inside, who better to portray this than the current and past employees?  

Investing time in the Employee experience will help ensure everyone speaks the same language and enjoys the same positive culture created over time. It will be key from the point of initial review and through the entire onboarding process and critically during their working tenure within the business longer term 

Some ways of keeping on top of how your employees view you will include: 

  • Regular reviews  having a consistentimeline for formal review meetings helps to set an agenda and ensure valuable insight and feedback it captured in relation not both performance and cultural and value propositions being realised  
  • Open and honest communication both ways – no one should feel they are without a voice wherever they sit within the businesswhether they have just joined or been with you for many years. Make this a key part of your company culture. 
  • Ask for feedback – do not be afraid of proactively asking for feedback on an ad hoc basis as well as during formal monthly or yearly reviews. It is often the times when you ask informally that you get the best insight. That instant snapshot of information should not be perceived to be less valuable. 
  • 360 surveys – utilise all angles of feedback from managers, peers, reports and from a self-assessment 
  • Keep an eye on any data coming back through internal stakeholders and HR, as well as external sources, in relation to how the business is tracking versus the employee value proposition – action anything that seems to be a theme. 

To receive good reviews, you will need to treat your employees well. This is fluid journey of continuous input from all parties and keeping communications open and active will certainly aid you when creating the best employee experience. This in turn should help create advocates who can then sing your praises and help attract the best talent.