Celebrating Success


Which accolades does your business have? Which accolades is your business known for?

Often businesses celebrate their achievements internally but not externally. Maybe this is because of humble leaders that don’t want to shout about something they deem ‘a step in the right direction’ but nothing more. Maybe this is because a constant striving for perfection means that the ‘honourable mention’ simply isn’t good enough. Understandable in many ways, but not shouting about these accolades externally is a missed opportunity to build awareness about your business as an amazing place to work.

Do you talk about all the awards you’ve won, have you leveraged the value of those awards when it comes to attracting talent? The market is competitive and attracting the best people for your requirements is hugely challenging. It is made ever more challenging if people aren’t aware of how successful you are, how many awards you’ve won, how highly regarded you are by your customers and what a great business yours is to work for. Of course your recruitment partners can help you to tell your story but if you are up against another business that didn’t have to say it in the first place then you’re already a step behind.

Industry awards, internal awards, accreditations, customer feedback, milestones, achievements no matter how big or small or of whatever perceived value internally are an opportunity to promote your business and build awareness. Accreditations like Investors in People or the various ISO certifications available are often classed as a business need and not also a chance to show off a bit.

These are opportunities to demonstrate that you care about your business and you’re good at what you do, tell the world, don’t just add it to your website.