Sales Recruitment

Ernest Hunter Green take pride in understanding the details of a business’s go to market strategy and how a sales team fits into the overall organisation to support the delivery of this. As executive sales recruiters we look to understand how you structure your sales organisation, customer base, your demand generation strategy, your sales funnel, your nurture process, sales cycles, deal structures, products and incentive schemes.  We seek to understand the skills and experience that you require but also the culture that you have built within your sales organisation and why you developed it that way.  Our detailed approach as a recruitment firm enables us to deliver an executive search service which delivers talent that will not only be successful within your organisation, but will remain with you for long periods of time.

Sales roles we recruit

Field Sales

Your field sales organisation are the face of your business in a one on one capacity.  They are the people that arrive at your customers, understand their business, their strategy, their goals, their challenges, their needs and requirements. They are your frontline representatives and whether selling technology, accountancy, marketing or anything at all, we understand how crucial recruiting and retaining these professionals is.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales functions can be the beating heart of your sales organisation and, we understand, can vary hugely in their responsibilities.  Some will be a key revenue generation team and others will be the essential team mates to a field sales organisation, but of course it is not as simple as this.  Our sales recruitment experts will take time to understand the sales model you have, what inside sales means to your organisation and will develop and executive search solution tailored to your requirements.

Business Development

Often an ambiguous job title.  Our team of sales recruitment experts will consult and advise to ensure that we understand what ‘business development’ means to you.  Whether it is net new business development, strategic business development, existing business development or any other derivative of the skill set our executive sales recruiters will support you in identifying and hiring the best possible talent for your business.

Account Manager

KAMs, NAMs, SAMs, PAMs and so on and so forth, understanding your Account Management structure is something we take pride in. Businesses often sink or swim on the strength of their account base and the people that manage them are imperative to the success of the company.  Quality sales recruitment is about appreciating this, understanding both your culture and the culture of your customer accounts, and identifying the right people to manage these for you so both parties succeed.

Channel Sales

Sometimes known as Partner Sales, or Affiliate Sales, or Alliances. There are resellers, distributors, dealers, consultancies, retailers.  Then there are the ‘Value Added’ version of all the afore mentioned!  Channel Sales is a broad term encompassing many complex models and arrangements. And recruiting the sales specialists that possess this experience takes much knowledge and skill.

We firmly believe that taking the time to get to know your channel structure, your target end customers, the culture within your business and sales teams enables us to be the most effective sales recruitment partner. And we apply an executive search model that identifies and delivers the best people for your business.

Sales Leadership

One the most important roles within your organisation, good sales leadership (and equally bad sales leadership) can be the difference between success and failure.  Sales leaders come in many guises; CROs, CCOs, MDs, GMs, VPs, Country Managers, Directors …the list continues. Developing strategy, building sales organisations, expanding into new territories and markets, inspiring, motivating and leading from the front.

Good executive sales recruiters get into the nitty gritty of the responsibilities, the targets, the challenges, cultures and objectives of a Sales Leader within your business. We take this knowledge and feed it into an executive search service which will deliver firm results for your business and help you to achieve success rather than failure.