Marketing & Communications

At Ernest Hunter Green we believe that the Marketing & Communications aspect of any business is key to its success. If you get all the various elements of the MarComms mix right, your place, service or product will sell.

With this in mind, it is imperative that when selecting a marketing recruitment agency to work with you select one that is going to represent your brand in the right way to the appropriately targeted specialists in the market. There are various elements that make up the Marketing & Communications skill set mix so when you are considering which executive search firm to partner with you need select one that has the experience of delivering both within your industry and one that has a proven track record of delivering marketing communications positions.

Identifying, hiring and retaining individuals with the right experience within this skill set is something we take very seriously. It isn’t just about ticking a skill set box, it is about finding the right people who align to your core values and therefore understand how to market, promote and communicate your message.

Marketing & Communications roles we recruit


Whether your core marketing activities are B2B or B2C lead, focus in either the online digital world or the offline traditional one, your marketing collateral is the identity of your organisation. An organisations Marketing material depicts the businesses brand, values and mission. It is the visual and interactive element of your product or service, and it tells your story. We understand the enormity of the importance of that message and we will treat it with the integrity it requires when representing your business in the market.


Your brand is more than the logo, term, design or symbol that gives your product its identity. It runs much deeper than that. A brand is the feeling and experience your customer has when interacting with your business, product, service or place. A brand marketing specialist will be responsible for the story, the deeper underlying identity of what it is that you are trying to convey. It is the core element of your overall vision and mission.

When you are selecting the person who is going to be responsible for your brand they need to understand the heart and soul of the story you are trying to tell. They need to live and breath it and to do that they need to respect it, be excited by it and ultimately therefore, be able to promote it. Of course, the brand and overarching message will be the consistent theme that runs through every channel of your marketing activity whether it be in the form of a campaign, an event, a specific product or whether it is through digital or offline messaging.

It is so important that the right individual is selected to be your brand ambassador, so it is essential that your chosen recruitment agency takes your brand out to the market place with an aligned appreciation of it’s importance.


The people in charge of your organisation’s campaigns are bringing all the marketing & branding elements together and taking it out to the marketplace. Ernest Hunter Green believe that these individuals are an integral part of your marketing teams mix because they are the guys on the ground taking the marketing and branding mission out there. They are the ones delivering the message, whatever that might be, to the targeted audience.


Whatever event you want to deliver, whether it is an internal high-profile corporate conference or a fun, public pop up street market, recruiting the right events experience is key. The person or people delivering your events programme will essentially be the face of your brand, they will be pulling together all the campaigns to promote the event and developing and representing the messaging that gives your event its brand; its identity.

These individuals need to have a deep understanding of the importance of all the other aspects of the marketing mix and then go out there and deliver the most appropriate event. A true Events specialist will be able to use insight and analysis to measure the effectiveness of the event at use that data to hone their strategy for future events.


The role of an Insights specialist is to have a clear, deep understanding of often complex problems or issues. These professionals know why your customers or consumers spend, their behaviours, what marketing campaign has worked well and perhaps not so well. They can provide the meaning behind the data to enable your marketing & communications employees to learn, develop and often enhance their activities. They will work closely with market research teams to provide valuable insight on your product or service.

When you consider the value these individuals can add in providing a deeper, factual level of data and insight on your business it is important that you work with a recruitment specialist that has a proven track record in representing these individuals in the market place.

Product & Proposition

While these may often be generic job titles, we understand that your products and propositions are the offerings that drive the commercial success of your business.  As executive recruiters we will understand your specific offerings and explore with you the key skills and experience required to be successful within your business, not just in a ‘Product Management’ role.  We work with our clients to add value to each stage of the product and proposition lifecycle through insight, business case, development and go to market through identifying the best possible people for your business.

Internal Communications

Sending out the right message in the right way internally is going to have a significant impact on your employees. From morale to motivation, feeling included and understanding what is going on within the business is important and if an organisation fails to communicate internally successfully it can often play a driving role in why individuals look to leave an organisation. Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors, if they cannot communicate the messages your business wants to convey or unaware of what your business is trying to achieve externally, all the other elements of the marketing communications mix are pointless.

Ernest Hunter Green takes this very seriously, we take the time to dig deep and understand exactly what your business is trying to communicate so that we can search and select the right individual or team of individuals to deliver those messages in the right way, with the organisations brand values at their core.

Change Communications

Any significant changes will affect people in different ways so hiring the right individuals who have the level of maturity in understanding that people are complex beings who adopt and adapt to things differently and therefore need to be communicated to differently will play a significant role in the success of how your internal messaging is delivered and how effective the change coming into fruition is going to be.

Simplifying complex systems changes or business process changes is a skill. Taking complex organisational change procedures and communicating them so that everyone from the reception and administrative staff through to the board level directors understands is vital to the retention and internal morale of your employees.

Our Communications recruiters work with experts in this field and as recruitment consultants that specialise in this skill set they have a strong network of specialists they can reach out to who have been there, done it and seen it all before.

External Communications / PR

As a dedicated marketing & communications recruitment company we understand the value of external communications and PR. Telling the right story through the right medium in the right way brings all the elements of your brand and marketing activity together and out to the target audience. These guys are often the spokes people for your organisation so their ability to represent your brand in the media through the right contacts and mediums is absolutely essential.

To deliver successful external communications effectively requires a proven track record in the ability to create engaging content and storytelling, savvy journalistic experience coupled with a deep connection and understanding to the values of the brand and what it stands for. When it comes to the external reputation of your business you have to select a marketing recruitment agency who is going to rigorously search and select the right professionals to represent your brand in the market.

Press & Media Relations

Whether it is reactive or proactive press and media relations it all comes down to the reputation of your brand. Hiring individuals with good press release writing experience who can take often dry subjects and bring them to life through storytelling is a skill and not something that should be underestimated. The power of good proactive press and media relations will enable your brand to fly and will contribute to the success of footfall for an event, the reach of your campaign and the general overall reputation of the business.

Getting the right people with solid reputations in the media who know where and how to sell your story or manage your brand’s reputation in a crisis is so important to the overall integrity of your business. Partnering with executive recruiters that specialise in marketing & communications as a skill set within your industry space is vital.