Digital Recruitment

Ernest Hunter Green provide Permanent and Contract Digital Marketing and eCommerce recruitment solutions for our clients across the UK and Internationally. Within our wider Marketing & Sales offering, Digital and eCommerce has become one of our fastest growing areas to recruit for on behalf of our clients within all industry verticals

Our network within the Digital industry continues to grow and covers all skills from web trading and the more technical job remits through to web content, social media, and digital campaigns. Our relationships range from Management level through to Director and senior level board appointments within the digital space.

We support SME businesses to larger scale businesses and appreciate role titles differ from business to business both in content and level of responsibility.  We dig deep to understand the specific requirement and how the role fits within the wider business structure.  Our detailed approach enables us to deliver an executive search service delivering talent who have the scope to grow with your business.

Digital roles we recruit

Digital Marketing

In its broadest sense, digital marketing encompasses all aspects of marketing which are executed within online versus more traditional offline channels such as tv, radio and print. A true digital marketing generalist will have an understanding of eCommerce through to the more creative side of things, such as content generation and social media marketing as well as an angle on tracking success through some form of analytics tool, usually Google Analytics.

Ernest Hunter Green support start-ups as well as more established brands recruit Digital Marketing Managers through to Director level and Chief Digital Officers. A successful Digital Marketing Director will create a vision for digital marketing and deliver the strategy through an effective team of digital marketing professionals, usually specialists within eCRM, Analytics, Web Content, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Affiliates.

eCRM / Email Marketing

With billions of emails sent every day, the competition for your audience’s attention is huge. Email marketing continues to play a key part in the wider marketing mix and with the volume of emails being sent still increasing, it’s hugely important that the correct target audience is reached in order to keep levels of engagement in your brand high.

The Head of CRM will own the customer data, be the driver of behavioural insight directing CRM and marketing decision making more generally. They will help plan and form the CRM strategy ensuring it aligns to the strategic business direction. Their team will deliver customer growth, engagement and retention through delivering successful email marketing and integrated campaigns and provide usable insights for the business to build lifetime customer value leading to more frequency of purchasing or driving conversion.

eCommerce / Web Trading

Overseeing online sales, eCommerce and web trading has grown substantially over the past ten years and continues to be a key area of growth for most businesses. The primary focus within eCommerce is often conversion. Through effective integrated marketing campaigns that are utilising the current SEO techniques and stand out content, a successful business will drive increased visitor numbers to the relevant websites and convert them to leads or sales.

The Head or Director of eCommerce will ultimately be responsible for the managing the P&L for the digital channels i.e. web and mobile and deliver on the wider business objectives through a long term strategy and reviewing weekly sales to implement tactical campaigns to support any peaks and dips in trading.

Web Analytics

The collection, analysis and then reporting of data helps you understand your customers in more detail and in in turn helps to optimise websites and mobile usage to drive sales. Increasingly, the use of web analytics has helped marketers become more commercial as the data and reports frequently prove the cost per acquisition of customers and enables decisions on further spend within relevant digital channels.

Beyond the more direct link to driving revenue, web analytics also continues to be a key tool for market research more generally and effectively utilising data. Multi-channel marketing campaigns are increasingly measured through utilising web analytics tools to see the success of marketing and digital spend and join the dots to websites increase of traffic.

Web Content

The phrase “Content is king” continues to be acknowledged within business more generally and especially within the world of marketing. As we continue to move away from more traditional forms of offline printed media, web content has grown in stature and importance. Creating original content is often key when it comes down to standing out from the competition.

Social Media

Most businesses continue to invest in social media marketing in increase their reach in regard to prospects and customers. It is very unusual that someone isn’t regularly visiting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin from either a personal or business perspective or both. As part of a wider content strategy, most businesses use social media to promote it. The rise of ‘Influencers’ who can make full time jobs and become famous promoting products sees no limit at present!

Successful social media strategies for businesses will help to drive leads and sales and through successfully creating and sharing content, audience engagement will increase and often be accompanied by paid social media advertising spend.


Businesses continue to increase their investment in search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to ensure a higher number and level of visitors to their websites. Optimising a website will drive unpaid results (natural or organic results) through editing content, modifying HTML or related coding to improve relevant or remove obstacles which search engines will have in place. Ultimately a website which is more effectively optimised will increase visitor numbers which can in turn be converted into customers.

Paid Search

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns have grown year on year and investment in PPC is an ever increasing spend for most marketing teams. Many marketing leaders are switching more traditional offline spend over to it as targeted campaigns ensure customers only see ads online that relate to something they are looking to purchase.

Most established and especially larger businesses continue to recruit PPC teams under a Head of PPC or Manager. Through successful bidding for ad placements within a search engine and their sponsored links, the PPC team will pay for each clickthrough and in turn analyse effectiveness through bottom line results, in turn investing more money into this ever evolving and growing skill set.

Affiliates / Performance Marketing

Affiliate marketing continues to be a key part of the digital marketing mix and often is more generally classed within ‘performance marketing’. Product owners are increasingly driving sales by partnering with other product owners who are prospecting the same target audience “affiliates” in turn earning profit through a recommendation of this product to other customers. There is also an increasing amount of business being generated by specialist affiliate businesses creating multiple revenue streams without the need to develop and sell anything directly themselves.

Ernest Hunter Green are working with a wide variety of businesses, predominantly in the retail and online pure play arena hire mid-senior level Performance Marketing and Affiliate specialists under the wider Marketing and Digital Directors remit.