London to Amsterdam for Mind in Mid-Herts

Over the course of the next month the team at Ernest Hunter Green are taking part in a virtual London to Amsterdam bike ride which is run by our charity partner Mind in Mid Herts.  The challenge starts tomorrow September 10th, which is Suicide Prevention Day and finishes a month later on October 10th which

Taking on a new employee means taking on responsibility for their ongoing career journey

If you don’t walk that journey with them, they’ll keep on walking right out the door.   Imagine the scene: you’ve bought yourself a nice new pot plant for your office. You pop it down in the corner and feel pretty proud of yourself for snapping up such a lovely addition to the room. So you head off

Social Media – The part it plays in your brand awareness

You’re about to embark on a recruitment drive. You know what you need and you’ve engaged the right partners to help you to recruit successfully. It’s a competitive market at the moment and you know it’s going to be challenging but you’re ready for it and rearing to go.  You invest time and effort in carefully considering the skill sets required

Social Media – Like it, love it or hate it

Are people aware of your business?  Do they know the brand? Do they know what services/solutions/products you provide? Do they know your company values or have an insight into your culture, the things you’ve achieved and your plans for the future?  You may ask the questions; ‘why would they?’ or ‘why should they?’. The answers are closely linked. Your company’s

Culture Club

How important is the culture fit when you are considering a new role?  As a recruiter, I have had the opportunity to meet with many people over the years at varying levels of their career path and have discussed their reasons for being attracted to and for leaving companies. As a result, it is clear the importance of culture fit moves higher up our wish list as we mature

This is not what I signed up for

When a professional accepts a new position, one would expect them to be fully aware of ‘what they have signed up for’. It should be safe to assume that what has been ‘sold’ to them will become reality upon joining a new company.   You would hope that the role is what you had applied for, the culture is in line with what you have been briefed on and your first impressions match your expectations during

Do your employees feel that they have a living, breathing career with you…

… or are they just turning up for work and slowly switching off?   A great employee will eventually outgrow their current role, but a great employer will have put in place a career development programme to keep them engaged, loyal and happy to stay with the company and evolve within, rather than move to a new role in a new company.  

Building Awareness – Website

Once an individual decides that they are going to explore their next career move, they begin a journey. Even if they are a passive candidate that has been approached about your business, if they are open to considering a new opportunity then they are going to move into the ‘awareness’ stage of their journey. They

The Future of Retail

The retail landscape has been evolving at an accelerating pace over recent years.  Consumers have increasingly favoured online shopping and the convenience that it brings. The resulting closures of stores caused by the lockdowns could well see a significant further acceleration of this change in consumer behaviours.  With the uncertainty around the appeal of brick

Is 20 Years Too Long?

Ernest Hunter Green speaks to Matt Bateman, a respected FD within the hospitality and leisure sector. Matt is embracing the prospect of securing a new role following an ever-evolving 20 years within the same Group. We often advocate that professionals should keep moving their careers along and the assumption is that should be to secure

Health & Wellbeing Benefits…

& their impact on candidates accepting your offers: With the onset of Covid in particular, people are having to adapt and deal with additional challenges with the change in their working environment. Employers will expect increased support from their employee whilst at the same time ensuring that their health and well-being is a key priority.

Make your best offer

I’m most likely showing my age here but as a child, I was brought up not to ask about money, it was a bit of a taboo subject, one which seems so old fashioned now as my children are very in tune with the value of money. They are interested in how much we charge


Your candidate in shining armour has accepted your offer, signed their contract and their start date is firmly in place. Everything is as it should be and they all lived happily ever after….., right? Wrong! The fairy tale of recruitment doesn’t end here! This is when the story really starts and leads to all your

Keep your friends close…

Employees are so much more than just the people that work for your business, if they are with you for the long term, they will be your most important success factor and should be treated as such. Retaining your employees will impact on your employer brand, business productivity, and growth.     Businesses who encourage people to come forward with ideas and solutions to achieve that common vision improve their employer

Is the grass always greener? 

Why do people leave your business? Is it due to lack of opportunity, lack of flexibility, unachievable targets coupled with low bonus pay-outs? Maybe it’s a change in culture due to an acquisition, maybe it’s because the culture hasn’t changed when it was said that it would.  The list is very, very long… Of course, it’s not always negative

Building Awareness

Once an individual decides they are ready to explore a new career opportunity and leave their current business, one of the first things they will think about is what they are seeking out of their next career move. It doesn’t matter if their motivation is driven by money, culture, or career development, what matters is

How much thought goes into the salary you offer new candidates

and how can you be confident of making the right offer? How many times has one of your recruitment processes come unstuck at the 11th hour because of salary? Maybe you’ve lost a candidate to another company’s offer, or maybe they just stayed put? And how many times have you really analysed what went wrong and

The best things in life are free!

Benefits schemes are a big topic when it comes to attracting candidates to your business. They can also play a key role in retaining your talent. So, making them as appealing as possible is important. For many businesses, especially those in the SME or start-up category, the cost of benefits is a major factor in

The Employee Journey

Your employees go on a journey with your business. We believe that journey starts before the individual has started working with you – whilst they are a candidate. Each stage of the employee journey looks something like this: The Employee Journey Cycle:    Stage 1 – The Decision:   A candidate decides they are going to leave

The Employee Experience

Are your employee experiences as important to you as your customer experiences? Customer experience is vital in building brand loyalty and repeat purchases. It’s why there is an incredible amount of thought, focus, and effort in businesses analysing and enhancing their customer journey. You break it all down and consider in detail each and every

Why are your employees leaving?

Why are your employees leaving and how can you effectively react to stop the cycle?  Let’s try a little experiment: write down the names of the last ten employees who left your company. Doesn’t matter what the context was or what level they were, or even how long they had been with you. Now, next to

Why are candidates turning down your job offers? 

On paper the candidate was perfect. Their salary expectations were in budget. They impressed everyone who interviewed them. You all agreed they would be an excellent hire…   …but they turned you down.   So what went wrong? Well, let’s start by analysing that first paragraph: every statement there is about a candidate fitting into your predefined

Salary bench-marking & how it relates to development, retention & exit of employees

How can you retain the best talent by paying the best base salaries within your industry sector? Do you even need to? Your Marketing Director or Chief Financial Officer has been in role for over five years, nurtured internally and gladly receiving the annual 1-3% salary increases to base salary as a well-respected employee who

Salary bench-marking and how it effects attraction, recruitment & Onboarding

The impact of being good, average or even bad when it comes to paying employee salaries can of course be hugely important. How do you know what to pay as a base salary in order to attract the best talent? Beyond just chucking money at salaries in order to compete with your competition, you will

What part does salary play in your employer and recruiter branding?

As a business, you will have some great people working in your organisation. Some you will have invested time and effort in developing internally and some external hires. Either way, a significant investment of your time and money. You will have had to recruit with a designated budget in mind, often agreed through an internal

Our Favourite Podcasts

Recruitment:  The Recruitment Rollercoaster – interviews with top performers and business owners within the industry.  Great listening for anyone in the recruitment industry.  Recruiting Future – Technology in the recruitment sector and where our industry is heading.     Wellbeing/Personal Development:  Your Best Year Starts Here with Nigel Risner and Neil Martin – a source of easily applicable

The Exit Interview

Do you interview your employees before they leave your business? If you don’t, you should. Create an environment that encourages individuals to be open, constructive and honest in their exit interview. Anything discussed here should be kept confidential and used as a learning tool for you to enhance your business. This is not about getting

Our recommended reads…

Shoe Dog – the memoir of Phil Knight, founder of Nike.  A great insight into the trials and tribulations of getting a business up and running and keeping it running.  Excuse the pun! Man’s Search for Meaning – a must read for any budding entrepreneur.  An amazing story of Victor E. Frankl’s survival of the

Our Wellbeing Tips

Wellbeing is important to us at Ernest Hunter Green.  We believe that happy, healthy recruiters will do the best job for their clients and candidates so we do everything we can to encourage wellbeing throughout the business.  This ranges from our benefits scheme including fully flexible working and unlimited holiday, to our private healthcare provider

Work this way…

Flexible working is not a work-life based on getting up when it suits you or watching daytime tv. I notice a huge misconception around ‘Working from home’. It‘s as if it is a free license to do the exact opposite – not work or simply, work when you fancy it. Our model is a far

Reflection and Gratitude

Ernest Hunter Green is 5 years old today. While we will all be celebrating this achievement in virtual fashion within our respective lockdown environments, these will be tempered somewhat for obvious reasons.  Celebrating achievements is important to us, but at a time when this is so naturally affected, it also feels like a good time

Office Location: Employer & Recruiter Branding

I have recently been recruiting for opposites; a shiny business based in a wonderful setting with fantastic facilities and a business based in a tricky location with poor access routes and lack of parking. The two roles were similar with equally strong opportunity to develop skills and influence the shape of the business, but one

Office Location: Attraction & Recruitment

What office location related factors are important to candidates when they consider a move? Accessibility to public transport /Provision of shuttle buses Convenient location to shops / restaurants etc Secure and free parking Technology & equipment Natural Light Space Ability to hot desk / work remotely  Carbon footprint / electric car points Lots to think

Location : Development & Retention

Don’t underestimate the impact the office location and working environment has on our ability to be the best we can be and improve our sense of loyalty.  The grass is often greener exactly where you are,  another business could be tempting you to join them for a pay rise, when push comes to shove you

Benefits: Employer & Recruiter Branding

Benefits have become an indicator of a business’ DNA playing a key part in the Culture, Employer and Recruiter branding. There is a whole range of benefits on offer and very little is standard these days. We know the basic salary is not generally seen as the key benefit and it will almost definitely not

Benefits: Attraction Recruitment & Onboarding

It is important to know what benefits your competitors are offering, these businesses may not necessarily be in the same market as you they could be a competitor from a location perspective. If your benefits package is lacking compared to your competitors and cannot be improved, it would be wise to ensure your basic salaries are compelling, although as outlined previously in our blog relating to benefits from a retention, development & exit perspective, benefits link to engagement, well-being and culture which cannot be achieved by base

Benefits: Development, Retention & Exit

Study / CPD support is critical for the forward-thinking business but it is important to highlight the benefits related to personal development not necessarily directly linked to a specific job-related qualification. The person struggling with public speaking could benefit from a drama course, yoga classes could help the anxious / stressed person to relax and

Interviewing – Employer & Recruiter Branding

You could have the most successful product or service in the market. That’s the aim of every business, right? But have you thought about how your interview process affects your employer and recruiter brand in the market? Why not aspire to have the best product or service in your market as well as the most

Interviewing – Attraction, Recruitment & Onboarding

When it comes to interviewing candidates, you may be wondering how interviewing can possibly help your business with talent attraction, recruitment and onboarding, but it can help in a major way! Attraction: Do you think that your interview process could have an impact on a candidate’s decision making? Absolutely! Everything a candidate experiences; the format

Interviewing – Development, Retention & Exit

How can the way you interview as a business impact an employee’s development, Retention & Exit from your company? The quality of your organisation’s interview process can have an effect on your retention levels and how soon someone might exit your business. A well-defined interview process can impact retention hugely. Here are some things to

Employer and Recruiter Branding – how do you compare to your competitors?

What do candidates think of your brand? Are you appealing to the best in class or are they passing you by? Chances are, when a potential candidate sees your job advert or is called by a recruiter, they will already have an opinion on your brand. And that opinion will significantly affect their decision whether

Attraction, Recruitment and Onboarding – how to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your employees happy

It takes a lot of hard work on all sides to get a candidate to accept your job offer. From the recruitment team writing the job descriptions and running the advertising campaigns, to the external recruitment partners headhunting in the marketplace, to HR and line management involved in interviews, to all the candidates giving up

Competitor Intelligence: Development, Retention and Exit

How to successfully manage the employee journey Employees are not robots with defined and static skillsets, they are humans with emotions who can be affected both positively and negatively by a whole host of factors. Some of those factors are just life, which you can’t control but need to accommodate, but other factors are within

Have you thought about how your Recruiter and Employer Brands are affected by your Wellbeing strategy, or lack of?

Let’s start by clarifying how I define a recruiter brand vs an employer brand.  To me, a recruiter brand is how your business is perceived as a recruiter – this may include your reputation regarding  interview process, interviewers, how many roles you are hiring and why, your advertised salaries and benefits packages and various other

Wellbeing strategies can improve attraction, recruitment and onboarding

The attraction side of this is fairly simple – businesses that take the wellbeing of their staff seriously will regularly have an advantage over a business that doesn’t.  A clearly demonstrated, implemented and promoted wellbeing strategy can be a huge pull in attracting people to your business.  In a world which is still adjusting to

Wellbeing strategies and their impact on candidate development, retention and exit

‘Wellbeing Strategy’ can be an ambiguous term in many ways as it can mean so many different things to so many businesses. For the purposes of this blog and so you know what I’m talking about here I will define this as everything your business does to help improve the physical and mental health of

Facing interview facts

As we settle in to our new normal, we are starting to face the reality of business processes changing. Simple practices that we didn’t think twice about and probably took for granted are suddenly much more complex – or, at least they seem to be right now. We are being forced to change and adapt

A call to arms

Flexible/Remote working – If you wanted it, then now’s your chance to keep it! While many of us will be used to working remotely there are huge numbers of people that are not.  For some this will be an adjustment that they never wanted to make and for others the most welcome of changes, albeit

Has it ever been more important? 

Almost a year ago I was on my way to join James Williams on his attempt to break the world record for running from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG).  Following that experience I felt compelled to write about the amazing role that the support team that James had around him was playing in his attempt. 

‘Twas the night before interview…

‘Twas the night before interview, when all through the house The only thing stirring was the click of a mouse; My smart suit was hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that a job offer soon would be there; The Red Bull was drunk, and all interview prep read, While answers to competencies danced

Immersive. Experiential. Disruptive. Worthwhile?

What are your thoughts on the rise and longevity of immersive experiential buying journeys within consumer tech? As the end of the year nears we’ve been reflecting on our observations in 2019. It’s been an interesting year from a product perspective. We’ve seen mobile phones dominated by multiple cameras and folding screens, Amazon stealing a

My Anxiety & Me

To mark Mental Health Awareness Day, I wanted to share something with you all. There’s no satire or humour this time; no puns to hide behind. This is simply a story about a young man battling something he didn’t understand. It’s a true story and it’s taken 18 years to write, but maybe it helps

How to turn your job spec into a job spectacular

Why are most job specs so dull? On the great smorgasbord of vocational choices that make up the UK job market, job specs have turned into the plastic parsley garnish that gets taken out the HR cupboard and thrown on the plate at the last minute. No matter how enticing your company brand, culture, product

What you don’t know can hurt you

What you don’t know can hurt you – how to ask for negative feedback and how to use it If a dentist told you your teeth would fall out unless you stopped eating sweets, what would you do? Would you ignore them and carry on until you had no teeth left? No, I imagine you

Interview tips for the interviewer

Why hasn’t interview etiquette evolved with the rest of the world? We see hundreds of articles, posts, hints and tips about interview techniques. What to do and what not to do in an interview. From what to wear and the protocol of a ‘proper’ handshake through to the importance of body language, eye contact and

Marketing, Communications & Business Development Recruitment in the Property Sector – Analysis and Trends

This last year has been a very active one for business operating in the Property Sector. From Developers to Consultancies to Engineering and Construction firms, we have seen constant movement across the support functions. This has been driven by two opposing factors working in tandem: restructures and recruitment freezes from some firms, and positive growth

What’s been going on in the Legal Industry – Marketing & Business Development Review

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you will not have been able to escape the incessant noise around Brexit, and what it could mean for us going forward. Amidst the uncertainty, however, the research suggests that at as far as the legal sector is concerned, the mood

Marketing & Business Development Recruitment in the Accountancy Market – Analysis and Trends

The last year has been a dynamic one, with several firms entering restructure phases, whilst others have gone through mergers in what has become a smaller accountancy market than in recent years. Marketing, Digital & Communications roles: There has been a steady flow of manager level hiring across most firms, with the larger firms also

Did you know…

…that Five Guys, the well know restaurant chain is predominantly a family business and was named ‘Five Guys’ because they couldn’t think of anything else at the time of registering the business?  The intention was to change it because they didn’t think it was much good but they never got round to it!  The business

Bitesize Interview Tip – Researching The Client

When you’re preparing to interview with a client and show them what a great match you are for the role, don’t forget the bigger picture: you’re not just applying to do a job in isolation, you’re applying to join their wider company. They’ll want to know you’ve done your research, but where do you start?

Supporters – way more than just cheering you on…

This week I had the honour of briefly joining James Williams for part of his world record attempt – running from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG).  I ran with James for a period of the 4th day of his epic journey and was able to see close up the full magnitude of this challenge

Would you risk catching a prize carp without a landing net?

Onboarding is the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organisation “client onboarding is a critical time for any business” · “a little extra effort during the onboarding period can go a long way towards improving staff retention”  The candidate of choice can often feel a little ‘in limbo’ between acceptance and

Storytelling – Bitesize Interview Tip

When you are preparing for an interview, you should have a few examples that you can talk through which answer the key requirements on the job spec. But no one likes a bore and no one likes to listen to a monotone monologue: It’s the fastest way to kill your chances of getting the job.

The value of Start-up experience

Recruiting for many start-up businesses in the Technology sector over the years I’ve often been asked to find people with previous start-up experience when delivering a brief.  This may seem an obvious element of experience to seek when writing a job description for the next key leadership hire in your start-up business, however it is

James Runs Far

We love hearing stories from people like James. Now, here is a chap who is about to undertake one of the most gruelling challenges we have ever heard of! Not only is it a major personal aspiration for James to break this world record attempt but he is doing it in aid of raising money

Ernest Hunter Green appoints Alex Cooper as Managing Director

We’re pleased to announce Alex Cooper as Ernest Hunter Green’s Managing Director. Alex is one of the original founders of Ernest Hunter Green and has been an integral part of our organisations success to date. His appointment comes at an exciting time for the business as we enter into our next phase of growth and

Working Remotely or Not Even Remotely Working

How to test if you are suited to working from home… It wasn’t long ago that having a Remote Working Policy meant ensuring the batteries were charged and there was nothing in the way when pointing it at your TV. Then the world changed and we all started throwing around words like flexible, agile, smart

Failure Is An Option

How to job hunt on your own terms Failure is defined as an unsuccessful attempt to meet predefined expectations. So, change your expectations! For example, what is your expectation when you apply for a job? An obvious answer might be “to get the job”. Nothing wrong with that, but if 10 candidates are all in

Director of Interim Recruitment

We are excited to announce that we are looking for an experienced Interim Recruitment Director to join the team at Ernest Hunter Green. We have spent the last 4 years establishing our brand in the permanent recruitment world across Marketing, Sales, Digital and Finance and we are proud of what we’ve achieved. The next stage

Health, happiness and general all-round wellbeing

Ernest Hunter Green discuss the importance of Health, happiness and general all-round wellbeing in the workplace: We set out to create what we thought was the optimum working environment for recruiters like us – people who have created a successful career for themselves but who wanted to be part of a grown-up business that lets them

An offer in the hand is worth two in the pipeline… or is it?

Getting an offer is a great feeling, there’s no denying that. All those hours of preparation, rehearsal, interviewing, waiting, negotiating and, finally, the reward at the end of it all. But what about the other role you are at final stage with? Do you spurn it like a jilted lover, or do you give it

Is your career overweight?

Career Mindfulness: How is your career feeling today? If that seems like a ridiculous question to you then let me put it another way: how many times in the office this week did you smile / laugh / feel pride / succeed / learn / grow / help / create / inspire / be inspired

Contingent Vs Search

The real benefits of signing off an Executive Search campaign. Contingent Vs Search Recruiters are not shy when it comes to pitching a search. From day one it is drilled into our very souls that winning a search is the best way to guarantee a fee, exclude competitors and raise our personal brand in the market.

Always judge a book by its cover

When it comes to applying for jobs, everyone judges a book by its cover. Here’s how to stand out. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Now there’s a curious notion. If I’m standing in a bookshop and I’m surrounded by books, how else am I supposed to decide? Literally shelves and shelves of beautifully

To Indignity and Beyond

To Indignity and Beyond – a practical guide to leaving your ego at the door and navigating redundancy Reality checks are never pleasant. The suit that goes from slim fit to bursting at the seams; the haircut that goes from trendy side parting to obvious combover; the marriage that goes from date night to ‘don’t

My name is Ernest Hunter Green and I’m a Recruitment Trampoline

Some of my recruitment friends tell me proudly that they are ‘ninjas’ or ‘headhunters’ or even ‘gurus’, but I like being a trampoline. Ninjas and headhunters sound great if you’re watching an Indiana Jones film, but it’s all a bit manic if you are trying to talk sensibly to someone about finding a new job.

Life is like a box of recruiters – too many at once will make you sick

A cautionary tale of more haste less speed. Life is like a box of recruiters – too many at once will make you sick Picture the scene: it’s 6pm on a Friday and you’re about to log off, when suddenly you get a call to say a key member of the team has just resigned.

The Importance of Being Ernest

Do you tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to your CV? There have been a few occasions where I have had conversations with candidates and they have openly admitted to providing misleading accounts of their work experience. I recall one instance where a candidate had left their

I’m walking away from a long-standing client today… and I feel great!

I’m having a particular struggle at the moment with a client who I have worked with for many years, and who wants to reduce my rates by a very significant amount. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good negotiation as much as the next man, and I’m always prepared to dance, but there

Making the move to flexible working – my own personal Brexit by Dan Shaw

After 16 years of commuting into London I decided to take a step into the unknown and accept a new job that that offered a flexible working arrangement. As an experienced recruiter I’ve spent years negotiating flexible working arrangements for my candidates, but that had always been the odd day or two working from home.

A Modern Take on Recruitment

The world of business is changing. Flexible hours, mobile capabilities, remote working, global conferencing, digital meetings, online seminars – sitting still is not the status quo anymore. For some companies, this more flexible approach is key to their very success – now anyone can compete in a global market, network with people across the world,

It’s Coming Home

Working from home,  ​Working from home, I’m working, I’m working from home.   Working from home,  ​Working from home, I’m working, I’m working from home.  Agencies laughed me out the door, They’d seen it all before, They just know, they’re so sure That I’m gonna throw it away, career blown all away But at home I