Meet George, Dan, Fiona and Richard

Since joining us, they have excelled in our collaborative yet autonomous environment which has allowed them to develop their careers and maintain a healthy worklife balance.

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Talking to the team

To work well in Executive Search, you don’t need to be sitting behind a desk in an office - Richard Johnson

We provide our team the freedom and autonomy they deserve to navigate their own path to success in executive search. Our culture suits your individual lives, commitments and the premium you place on your work life balance.

Hear from the team about how closely this resonates with them.

Reasons for making a change

I was tired of the wasted time commuting every day. The balance wasn’t right. - Dan Shaw


In another life George had a career as a Chartered Surveyor – he worked within commercial property, both in agency and portfolio management. He transitioned into the world of executive recruitment 11 years ago and has since been working with clients providing property professionals across the real estate and construction industry.

George explained his motivation for wanting to leave his previous role. “I had been working at the same level for quite a while, doing the same thing. I needed a change for my own development. A big part of that is remote working, which is quite refreshing when you’ve got a young family.”


Dan joined us over 6 years ago having been in executive recruitment for 18 years specialising in Marketing & Business Development functions across the professional services industry.

Talking about his reasons for making a change to fully remote working, he says “The timing was right for me because I wanted more time with my family.”

Looking for a different culture

We hear so often from experienced, talented recruiters that their main driver for change is initiated by restrictive ways of working.


Focusing on the full spectrum of senior HR positions, Fiona has over 20 years of experience. Her career started in Australia and she moved into the UK market 15 years ago.

Fiona was looking for a different culture and leadership style. “For me, the style of leadership is very important. Everyone at Ernest Hunter Green is an individual and fully accountable. I’m asked for my opinion and I am recognised as an expert. It works very well.”


Richard has been a part of the team for over 6 years, his specialism is hiring leaders within Marketing, Sales, Digital & Business Development for global blue-chip brands.

Richard reflected on his previous experience before joining us. “Having worked in more traditional recruitment environments, Ernest Hunter Green is a breath of fresh air. I play to my strengths and as a result I am more productive and successful.”

The verdict on remote working

There is a great team dynamic. We’ll work in different places but meet regularly. - George Willis

Fiona was unsure at first whether it was something she could adjust to. “Whether remote working was right for me was a really big question mark when I started at Ernest Hunter Green. But it has actually been fine. It is a very collaborative business where there is a lot of sharing of approaches and asking ‘What works for you?’ which means I’ve never felt out of touch or disconnected.”

George agrees that the team collaboration is strong. “There is still a team dynamic even though we work remotely. We meet in person regularly which creates a strong social element and everyone’s on the other end of the phone whenever you need them.”

I love that my team is so supportive.

We all have different backgrounds and styles, the open culture encourages discussion and opinions – which are valued

Fiona Rooney

Fiona Rooney

Trusting in your your experience

I’m definitely more financially productive. I couldn’t ask for a better balance. - Dan Shaw

Richard makes the point that flexibility is key when working on global mandates across different time zones. “It’s about being able to manage your own diary in a grown up way.”

“I was attracted to the opportunity at Ernest Hunter Green because they focus on the end result, they encourage a sensible and autonomous way of working, supporting you to achieve your goals.”

For Dan, having fewer distractions and a better working environment, has resulted in greater productivity and billing success. “I’m definitely more financially productive working in this way. Removing the dead time of a daily commute has had such a significant positive impact on me, I couldn’t find a better balance.”

Building businesses people want to work for

I think a lot of businesses talk about wellbeing in the workplace, with Ernest Hunter Green it’s a lot more than that. You can see it happening. They really do embrace it. - George Willis

Ernest Hunter Green places a lot of emphasis on helping their clients become better businesses for the people who work there.

George says “I think a lot of businesses talk about wellbeing in the workplace, with Ernest Hunter Green it’s a lot more than that. You can see it happening. They really do embrace it.“

Richard feels it’s a culture that everyone contributes to, “When talking about the culture at Ernest Hunter Green I would say that it’s cohesive, inclusive and has a sense of togetherness. And that’s quite ironic when no one actually works in an office together.”