Our Story – Elliott & Sue

Elliott …..

Due to a natural entrepreneurial streak I’ve always had, it has always been my dream to launch my own recruitment business with other talented individuals. We have now done it and although in the early phases of developing Ernest Hunter Green, I have not looked back! I am absolutely loving the feeling of being your own boss, being able to be more nimble and commercial and it’s amazing how sending out that first email or working with a previous candidate or client under our new branding makes me feel so proud. I look forward to building the brand in the coming months and years and working with all the people in my network and future new connections

Sue …..

Like many people I ‘fell into’ recruitment – fast forward 18 years, I can reflect with pride and satisfaction that I found, by chance a career that suited me and played to my strengths.  I had a strong customer services background and an element of sales experience prior to venturing into recruitment which seemed a good starting point. Fortunately my people and delivery skills have proved far more useful than the sales experience as this was never my main focus.  Whilst driven by targets and business growth, I placed more emphasis on the ‘customer experience’ – how it felt to do business with me – the fee was merely the outcome.  Latterly my role developed into a more managerial position, ensuring a team across the Professional Services remit were building their own businesses in line with the values and approach required. Whilst this role was rewarding in terms of developing and supporting others, I often felt out of control, getting bogged down with issues and becoming frustrated by the lack of time I could allocate to my own trusted relationships, the people who had stood by me over the years. Setting up my own business leaves me in no doubt I will be able to fulfil my career aspirations and focus on the bits that are important to me; relationships, high levels of service and a proactive approach.