Our Story – Laura & Alex

Laura …..

I felt ready for something new, something exciting, a fresh challenge. I knew I wasn’t ready to move away from the buzz of recruitment and I have always had a burning desire to have my own business, a desire that took me to university to study Business & Management with a focus on new business start up’s.  After a successful ten year career in the recruitment industry Specialising in Marketing and Communications the time felt right to go for it.

I had been fortunate to have met three likeminded individuals over the past 5 years who I have grown to respect and trust due to our mutual drive for success and our shared passion for what we do. We want to bring a fresh approach to recruitment, an approach that is honest and human. I’m so excited to be starting this journey, let the challenge commence!

Alex …..

Setting up my own business was always the ultimate goal.  Having had 10 years’ recruitment experience in very different and very changeable environments I’ve seen what I believe to be the good and the bad bits of the industry and the intention is to build Ernest Hunter Green with as many of the good bits as we can fit in!

We’ve shared many thoughts over the years about how we would and wouldn’t do it and conversations eventually got to the point of ‘this is how we are doing it’, it’s been hard to think of any better options than the one we’ve taken and the thought of working with more and more like minded individuals as we grow is really exciting.  Being in control of our business and focusing purely on what needs to be done for the benefit of our clients and candidates is what motivates me and I’ve never felt more driven than now.