Six months on…

They say time flies when you are having fun! Well if the saying is true, the first 6 months of running our new recruitment business, ‘Ernest Hunter Green’ has been lots of fun. To say our lives have changed is an understatement and I know whilst writing this blog, I speak for all 4 of us. We are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity and thank everyone who has so far made it possible.

Having made the move from larger, well known recruitment businesses, 5 years earlier, to a start-up, we had already taken the first step towards developing the skills and experience needed to set up our own business. We knew the time was right to take the skills and experience we had honed over the years and prove we had the drive and determination to build our own business, a business we could be proud of and others would want to be a part of.

It gave us an amazing sense of empowerment and excitement, coupled with the obvious fear and questioning; can we really achieve this without a backer, without existing systems and infrastructure, without someone else picking up the pieces and taking the risks? The strength we had was being a ‘close knit’ group who had worked together before, we shared common operating values, which was key but we brought different experience, views and skills to the table.

We reflect 6 months on….

Name decided, values agreed, website up & running, systems & processes in place, satisfied clients, happy candidates and ongoing business pipeline; good progress made but how do we measure our success in ‘living’ the values that form the heart of our business?

We ask for feedback, we gauge referrals and recommendations we receive, we listen to general frustrations our customers are experiencing from others, to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes, we make sensible and commercial decisions being flexible to individuals needs demonstrating we are in it for the long haul, we work hard to go the extra mile, CV advice, interview guidance, we take the time to meet face to face or take a late call when it is easier to talk freely, we give feedback as soon as possible, we keep in touch and are accessible. Quite simple you might think, we do too, but it is amazing how many recruiters forget the simple things.

What’s next?

By Easter 2016 we will have established London roots with a view to attract a team of experienced recruiters to work with us and help us build our business. We will create a working environment for our team that is conducive with being productive and creative. Our teams will be given the freedom to work on a flexible basis, enabling them to work from home if it helps and use the office as a hub for meetings and team working. We need to attract the best in the market to work for us and they will be rewarded well for their efforts.   Being a ‘relationship driven’ recruitment business, retention of our team is key, we understand how important it is to listen to their needs and be flexible in our approach.

One of the most humbling experiences we share to date is the generous loyalty we have experienced from our candidates and clients. People we have known over the years have been genuinely excited for us and want our business to succeed, a testament that whilst we are building a new brand to call our own, we already had one – ‘Ourselves’.

We are confident our passion and determination to grow a reputable and sustainable business will benefit you, be it as a candidate or client, passive or active, we will take the time to extend our network and share our market knowledge with you.


Keep following …….