The Importance of Being Ernest

On two occasions this January I have had conversations where candidates openly admitted to providing me with misleading accounts of their work experience.   In one instance a candidate had left their most recent role off their CV. It was a contract role…  They had not updated their CV with this experience, instead indicating that they were still working at

Is your career overweight?

Career Mindfulness: How is your career feeling today? If that seems like a ridiculous question to you then let me put it another way: how many times in the office this week did you smile / laugh / feel pride / succeed / learn / grow / help / create / inspire / be inspired / resolve a conflict /

Interview with Ernest Hunter Green’s Marketing Fintech Recruiter Carly Lake

Carly Lake specialist Marketing Fintech Recruiter at Ernest Hunter Green talks to SMP about how financial technology specialists can stand out in the Fintech job market. Q. SMP: Briefly, tell us about Ernest Hunter Green A. Carly Lake: We find great jobs for talented marketing, sales, digital and finance people. We talk, we listen, we challenge, we advise, we congratulate (and

Contingent Vs Search

The real benefits of signing off an Executive Search campaign. Contingent Vs Search Recruiters are not shy when it comes to pitching a search. From day one it is drilled into our very souls that winning a search is the best way to guarantee a fee, exclude competitors and raise our personal brand in the market. But what’s the real advantage

Making the move to flexible working – my own personal Brexit by Dan Shaw

After 16 years of commuting into London I decided to take a step into the unknown and accept a new job that that offered a flexible working arrangement. As an experienced recruiter I’ve spent years negotiating flexible working arrangements for my candidates, but that had always been the odd day or two working from home. What I was considering now